Red Door to Wonderland

Do you remember this look from the Vienna Fashion Week? It took him quite a long time to come up in the world of my blog, and I am pretty sure it’s not his fault… I can remember the day I was wearing it pretty good, I loved the way how my old burgundy blazer in the perfect Masala tone (still the color of 2015) changed into something completely new with this little leather belt. I really adore the glitter bag, but well, everything with embroidery or glitter on it has a big place in my heart, so it’s no wonder I keep stealing this one out of my mom's closet.

Fashion week is a long time ago, and this one here, is the last look I will share with you from thence. The whole idea was a little bit more kind of back-to-school-feeling. Trying to look fashionable but still smart, can be a big problem in today's culture. Every woman wants to look great in her cloths, wants to be sexy and mysterious for the people seeing her on the streets, but on the other side, clothes have to be practical and more and more individual. So the answer clearly as always is: count on basics. Nothing than basics is looking more spectacular together, always to the point and classic. And there will be at least one new way, one new street style or catwalk trend how to take your beloved old closet friends out for a stylish night. 

Ok, back to my look, red blazer, no, Masala red blazer, very tight dark blue (more black than blue) skinny jeans, those amazing lace up shoes and this belt that holds everything together. At least, 90% of this look are in every closet out there, so keep your eye for the detail, folks!

I was wearing:

Masala Colored Blazer: BENETTON
Classic White Button Up Shirt: JIL SANDER
Dark Navy / Black Skinny Jeans: DR. DENIM
Brown Knot Belt: CLOSED
Dark Green Glitter Clutch: ZARA
Black Lace Up Kitten Heels: TOPSHOP