Red Cliff Beach

Looking at these pictures, remembering this wonderful trip three weeks ago, warms my heart so incredible. The island I am talking about, the very first island I ever visited and really would call it an island (Venice doesn't count for me because it's so special….) and at the moment no wonder that it is my very favorite.

This was the first time on Sylt when the sky cleared up a little bit and the sun came out, it still wasn't really warm, the wind was going like hell and it was still very chilly outside. But altogether the scenery looked so magical impressive. The beach is a very special one, the Red Cliff (also the name of the somehow most important nightclub on the island) makes the biggest contrast to the white sand and dark blue water, not to forget the blue&white wicker beach chairs everywhere giving the real Northern beach feeling. 

For the whole trip I chose some kind of maritime color scheme for my clothes, there was a lot of white, silver and a - of course - a little bit of blue. I packed so many shorts and skirts, but in the end it was so cold I was only wearing my jeans, long sleeves and jackets. When I bought these white jeans at the beginning of summer, I never would have guessed that I will find so many occasions to wear them. They are like the most perfect basic for everything looking like summer, especially when you are already on the beach, they give you this special kind of elegant look, way better than normal blue jeans. But also in the city, they are always making a chic impression, maybe just because people are impressed that you can keep them that clean (a fact that still is some kind of mystery for me, because I am like the worst eater ever, don't ever even think about giving me Spaghettis when I am wearing these pants!) 
I would have loved to take some swimming photos on the beach, because well, I haven't got any bikini or swimsuit post this year, but, the year isn't over yet, right guys? 

I was wearing:

White Skinny Ankle Denim Jeans: AG JEANS
White and Navy Blue Striped Top: AMERICAN VINTAGE
White Sunglasses: MANGO