Playing Tourist in London

Hey you Guys! Kisses and sun and everything else you wish, from the best city in the world, to you, my Loves. I must admit, I am already pretty in love with this place, but I just found another amazing reason, why I want to move here. I just found the best, the more than very best, the most amazing gluten free spinach tortellini at Selfridges. I mean, they are heaven. As a gluten intolerant person, it is super awesome to eat something like this. When I now would find some tasty gluten free bread too, I am dreaming and in heaven and just, OMG in pure life. 

So, you see I am really happy. While we´re at it, I also will show you these pictures. They are already a little bit older, I made them in March on my short trip to London and it was one of these funny moments when you just giggle around together. And of course, sometimes you have to be the tourist, even if you call the city already your home. And I mean hello, the telephone cell is one of the most iconic British symbols, right after the Queen, of course. 
It was a wonderful sunny day, sadly not so warm like today (was 24C in London…!). 

Right now I am watching Mad Men, my new favorite series, being super exhausted after another day at my course and I am already going nuts to show you some pictures at the end of it (I am going to be a model and I will look absolutely different, I can’t even imagine now). I really like the London College of Fashion, it is like a little dream coming true, it´s a real University (ok, almost as awesome like my gluten free pasta). 
I have still some pictures for you reserved, sadly it is quite hard to travel without your personal photographer when you are a blogger (I miss you Mommy…!) and it will be really hard to make some new ones for you, but maybe I will be able to manage it! 
See you soon!

I was wearing:

Olive Green Leopard Coat: ZARA
White and Navy Blue Striped Tee: AMERICAN VINTAGE
Olive Green Skinny Jeans: ZARA
Black Kitten Heels: CHLOÉ
White Cashmere Scarf with Skulls: RUBINACCI
Black and Silver Chain Bag: STELLA McCARTNEY
Sunglasses: ALDO