Passion never Fails

Sorry for the lack of posts during the last days, my Loves, I’m living right now a really funny and sad time at once. During the last days a lot of things have been happening, I was skiing once again and fell even more in love with another alpine city of Austria, watching how one my youngest friends mastered his first meters on ski (and he's only three years old!), meeting on of my bests in London again and finally trying to apply for university. 

That’s probably the main theme. I am actually here in London because I applied some time ago for a college in London and this week was the 'give-us-all-your-artworks-and-we-look-at-it-moment'. We had some little chance to see what the others were having in their folders, some of the hundreds of people applying there too, and sadly, the chances are really low that we will be accepted. Even when our work is pretty good and we like it and are proud of us, the people there must have been working years for their portfolios and we tried to make more or less in the last two weeks. Nevertheless, we are still looking forward to hearing from the college and it was still a big honor to be invited for something special like this. 

And most important, we will try again! The love for this city, to study here is bigger than the feeling of failure. So, I will work even harder, I will now try to improve my drawing, photography and all the other skills, because I really want my dreams to become true.  And I am pretty sure the girl sitting next to me will do same! 

So, apart from that, I wanted to show you some snapshots, which I did during my preparation work for the applications. This work has a lot to do with Koi fish and Japan, because these are two themes that are always inspiring me (already thinking about if I should study Japanese just for fun before trying it in London again). Tonight I’ll be back in Vienna, writing super-fast all the missing fashion week reports and a lot of ideas from Kitzbuehel and London are also waiting for you! See you!