ONE THOUSAND - One thousand pictures on my Instagram Feed. That sounds crazy. Probably I am posting every day is way too much (except those last weeks when I’ve been pretty lazy). But on some days I really just had one goal for that day: posting four pictures, all appealing to another, all in a wonderful mood and all of them, on their own looking really good. 

I’m bound to say, this could be a full time job. Doing this really killed time, killed time to find ideas, get the stuff in the pictures (when you need to eat out for sushi that day because you really need some sushi in your feed, or shop some flowers in exact the same colors). 
Instagram life isn’t real life guys. Sadly, if Instagram would be real, we all would be just eating the worst fast food stuff, the most health stuff (because those two just are the things that look best), we would all be thinner, linger on our beds the whole day. 
Instagram is a lot of fake, even I am faking, posting old pictures in new mood, editing them so they will look better than best, using for this nine different apps. Instagram is fake, but still, it is one tool we are using to present ourselves. Since I am on this College, I learnt a lot about Social Media, it is a key factor, even more when you want to work and life in a world where imaging yourself is more important than in any other. 

I am really proud of my Instagram, it’s like a diary for me, even more than my blog is, it reminds me of things, who aren’t even displayed on it, reminds me of wonderful days, sunsets, trips to anywhere in the world (hopefully soon even more parts of it). I really love Instagram, since I can remember I am a really visual human, loving looking at pictures, and Instagram allows me, us all, to share on what we hold on visually, creating a diary made of pictures. 

And even more I am a really hashtag nerd, I just love it. I love how you can arrange your pictures in multiple ways, find them so much easier, get all of one them together. So I hashtag everything. I created so many own ones (it sometimes might look ridiculous), but I just looooove it.

So since ONE thousand is still kind of special, I thought of doing something special as well. So I have been searching my whole feed, finding out my top ten Instagram moments, each with six pictures, trying to show you how to create a mood, how I remember things through pictures and go back to them. Starting at the very beginning of my Instagram life, Christmas 2012 till just some weeks ago. 

Christmas 2012: On this Christmas I got my very first device which was able to do Instagram, my beloved iPad Mini. My first tries were all about it, the Birthday of my parents and our short trip to Paris. Of course I had to share the Louvre and Eiffel Tour in these early days. Since then, we’ve only been one more time in Paris and I really think we should go there again soon! 
There was no Couture Department back then, I started the blog in June following, but I added a hashtag later.


New Year’s Trip China: One year later already after Christmas, my parents and I visited Asia for the very first time, Hong Kong and Bejing in just six days was pure madness, wonderful madness. We celebrated New Year in Hong Kong with one of the biggest fireworks I've ever seen. Since then I am dreaming at least once a week to go back there, seeing also the other big cities of China (next time maybe for a little bit longer). 


Already June this Year: These six pictures perfectly display how my normal days in Vienna used to be, eating huge amounts of Sushi and Frozen Yoghurt, playing with my blog pictures (still in love with this amazing skirt from H&M Conscious Exclusive) and having fun at the Kirtag in Vienna. This is a very good example of how I really thought a long time how all my pictures would fit perfectly together, creating a good mood. 

#CoutureDepartmentgoesFunFair #CoutureDepartmentlovesSushi

Getaway in Sylt: So this trip was probably my favorite one this year. For the first time I was on that wonderful little island far far away, at the opposite end of Germany. It wasn’t really a summer trip, the first days have been pretty cold, but still, all that nature filled me up with happiness and was the perfect picture background.

#CoutureDepartmentgoesSylt #CoutureDepartmentgoesBeach

Mixing Moods: Those six pictures together are actually one of my favorite moods in my whole Instagram Mood. I love how I was able to mix those three really different places together, Sylt, the mystic windy island, Venice Torcello, so different from Sylt, even if there is water and nature with both islands and then, I spent one day at the Zoo of Vienna, again with nature, jungle (which is definitely one of my favorite topics at all) and those gorgeous flamingos. I don’t know why this all is fitting together so nicely, but this actually is a Instagram moment I like to bring back to the present and look at the colors and moods of the pictures.

#CoutureDepartmentgoesJungle #CoutureDepartmentgoesSylt #CoutureDepartmentgoesItaly #CoutureDepartmentgoesVenice #CoutureDepartmentlovesPink

Mountains and Lakes of Austria: My first time having a kind of holiday in Austria besides skiing, was pure bless. I loved the tiny lake in the middle of that Alpine scenery, the water was crystal clear, more than I ever expected (that #FromWhereIStand is actually in the sea!). And actually this was my first getaway with my boyfriend, so it was even more special for me.

#CoutureDepartmentgoesMountains #CoutureDepartmentgoesLakeSide

Maybe one of my favorite weekends this year, spending a lot of time in our peaceful weekend house, my absolute favorite place in whole world. My auntie from London visited us there, spending all the time together eating and laying around in the grass. Of course it mixed up perfectly with the mood of Venice. 

#CoutureDepartmentgoesGarden #CoutureDepartmentgoesBeach #CoutureDepartmentgoesItaly #CoutureDepartmentgoesVenice

MQ Vienna Fashion Week: every year we have a modest kind of Fashion Week going on in Vienna, I already wrote about it (that reminds me that I still have like six posts to finish about that week and outfits). I really liked the mood going on there, the fashion week in action, a Pop Up store, a dress I felt in love with. I really would love to have every week like this!


Farewell to Vienna: moving to London in October and having my very last days in Vienna while shopping my first own designer it-piece was so special. The feeling to leave Vienna for at least one year is strange, not bad strange, actually my dream was coming true in this week. 

#CoutureDepartmentOnTheWay #CoutureDepartmentgoesLondon #CoutureDepartmentgoesBed

Condé Nast College in London: Just a few weeks ago, the first days in College were already over and we had the first big event. The private party at the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition. Also this was one of my favorite Instagram moments, how the blue and whites all fit together with those little splashes of pink and violet. I really need to buy some new flowers soon. 

#CoutureDepartmentgoesLondon #CoutureDepartmentOnSnapchat #CouturedepartmentgoesCNC #CoutureDepartmentgoesMuseum