Modern Canal

Another new Monday, another new week, another busy week! I have to admit that this week will be more busy than the ones before, because here in Vienna, where I am again, it’s Fashion Week, or more precisely it should be called Fashion Madness. I still don't know what shows I will see, which events I will try to attend and so on. 

But at the moment, let's face last weeks short trip to Hamburg! It really was more a cozy kind of family visit with a lot of cuddles and emotional moments. But still we managed to walk around for one day through the narrow streets full of modern canals. Hamburg has a very special vibe, it's super modern and chic and also has it's shabby little corners in between. Even after my second very short trip to Germany’s biggest seaport, I still haven't seen a lot, mainly just a little bit of the harbor and the inner city parts, better (of course) the shopping districts. But I am pretty sure that one day I will have enough time to explore all the terrific museums and sights too. 

Actually I had planned two outfits for that day, mainly to be able to show you two different looks afterwards, but because of the bad weather (so cooooold) I decided that just the warmer one with jeans and blazer would be makeable. But I still managed to get here a little new detail: these shoes are my absolute new favorites. And they have been a real steal! I already thought of buying every pair (I have them in two different colors - and I am so happy about that...) twice just to make sure that I would have them as long as possible. 
Although it's getting colder outside I am still into crop tops, which doesn't seem to be the most clever thing ever, but what am I to do?