Milano Arrival

Happy Monday everyone! I am so sorry for the lack of posts during the past ten days, but these days seemed to be the busiest time ever! Including four flights, five destinations and a big and special (and still secret) project, everything was a little bit crazy. And I dare say, I had some posts prepared for the time in Italy, but the biggest challenge at all was to find any kind of working WiFi connection!

But, I am back, after Milano, Venice, Vienna (for some 18 hours), London (also just 24 hours) and my beloved cottage in Lower Austria, I have a lot of stories for you. So we are starting completely chronological, with my first day at Milano! First of all, it was a dream, this getaway with my family and my partner-in-crime-girl was the perfect getaway to find a clear head and, even if we had the hardest culture and museums schedule you can imagine, we came back super relaxed.

This very first day at Milano was just like the rest of the days, which means, we made it to two museums. And I swear, these two places, where completely breathtaking. I have tons of pictures to show to you, two enormous and fascinating fashion museums, one just about the magic work of Giorgio Armani (never knew that he made THESE dresses, all I ever noticed were things like Armani Jeans or so…) and second one was the Fondazione Prada, a complete compound just filled with beautiful art.

But, this post is not about these two places (I will prepare two own about it, just as about the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition in Cologne and the Expo and so on). Here I just wanted to show you some snapshots from this beautiful city, one of the world´s fashion capitals.
For that day, I was wearing my easy-peasy glitter espadrilles and my new favorite Mango dress. Recently I shopped really a lot at Mango (as you will see in the following posts about Italy) maybe mainly because my local Zara shop is under construction and there´s just Mango...
But as ever, I really love the little things I found there!

We made the pictures literally on-the-go while sweating at Milano, as a matching background just one place came into my mind, the beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele next to Duomo di Milano!

I was wearing: 

Peach colored Chiffon Dress: MANGO
Dark Blue Glitter Espadrilles: SUN Z SHOES
Big Black Leather Tote: BURBERRY