Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

Fashion exhibitions always have their very own climate, there is something fascinating about them, something very exclusive and magical so that, whenever there is one, thousands of people from all over the world travel to these hotspots just to have a look on these exhibition rooms. I heard that in one of my lectures, a very young industry guest speaker came to us and talked about her job, she is Fashion Curator at the Somerset House here in London, exactly where the latest spectacle from Louis Vuitton now is welcoming visitors for some few last hours. 

Last Monday the whole Condé Nast College visited the exhibition, not like a normal class would do, no, the exhibition was open after the general visiting hours just for us, with cocktails and good music. It was absolutely amazing. This place, not a real fashion exhibition, more a place where they show the technique is makable today. Rooms with full length displays all around in a circle, shoes made by laser cutter and the brightest room ever in my whole life where you actually would have needed sunglasses. And absolutely everything was stunning, we were running through it like little girls in a 5 floor huge toy-shop, pure paradise. 

Since my parents are currently in London, I wanted to show them this spectacle, but sadly, when we were arriving there today, we haven´t been alone. There were almost 300 people waiting in a line to get to the exhibition that will close tomorrow. Too bad, we weren't able to go in, even if I really really really wanted to. At least, I can now show you some pictures from my evening visit!