Kitzbuehel Diary

First of all, HAPPY EASTER and thousand KISSES FROM BATH, my Loves. Yes, I am currently in the UK again, for fabulous three weeks. And. I. Am. So. Happy. To experience a next wonderful adventure in the country of the word ‚lovely‘. (How I missed to hear this, or ‚Hey there!‘). Bath is a wonderful tiny place, okay, not so tiny, but it’s one of the cutest little cities here and I am so happy, my favorite auntie has found a new home there. 

But, now now! I won’t tell you too much, I will show you some pictures some time! Here are coming with a super delay, sorry right now, the last pictures from my trip to Kitzbuehel. Some kind of a little diary, how the title is already suggesting. Everything mixed up, at least everything I was doing with my small camera or whilst skiing. But, how could one resist to these panoramas..?

Even if our actual skiing trip was really short, like hell in truth, I loved to see my beloved Alps again, like I already said, as half Austrian, you are super addicted to all types of snowfun in the mountains! I am skiing since I was a little princess, literally, there is a very famous sentence from me when I was about three years old and supposed to start skiing. It was something like: „I am a Princess, and Princesses doesn’t have to ski, they just have to marry.“ Yes, so, my skiing career already started with a lot of laughter by all adults, and my parents keep telling this story till today. My opinion about this theme changed a lot since I was three, now I am a passionate skier and I really love it. But, just for two or three hours per day. Hehe. 
Also I loved seeing my youngest friends skiing for the first time, I mean, how cute is it to see your big love (he still wants to marry me, with just four years, how cute…?) skiing for the very first time, how he is learning everything and is so proud of himself to get the curves and argh. Heaven.

So my Loves, I hope you all are having a beautiful Easter Sunday, enjoy every little second of it, also when you do not believe in the Easter Bunny anymore! There can never be enough fairytales, right?

I was wearing:

Grey / Silver Down Jacket with Fur Collar: DUVETICA
White Scarf with funny Skulls: RUBINICCI