Harbour Tour

Here comes the next Travel Post! It really seems to me that I haven't got any normal outfit posts this summer, almost every time I’m posting something from a different location, sometimes from far far away, sometimes pretty near to my current home-town Vienna. And – have a guess? I love it, no I ADORE it! 

Traveling is the only thing as much important for me as fashion, it's the only way to explore and get to know yourself as close as you should. It teaches you more than any school lesson ever could and will stay at least twelve times longer in your memories. So, I am super happy to announce, that I will be moving next week again, another little trip to exactly the same we just have been looking at, Hamburg!

Our last time in Hamburg, the day after Sylt, was very short, I think we just spent a little bit more than 24 hours there, but of course, we had to do one of the big Harbour Tours, mainly because one of the newest and of course biggest ship of the world just was dropping anchor there and getting filled up with containers for new adventures around the world. MSC Zoe, is a wonderful ship, and while we were floating by this big black beauty, actually we were all, the whole boat, speechless. It is really gigantic. Super gigantic. It's like a scene in these movies with a little ant watching the giants of the “normal” world. And that’s exactly what we felt like, little ants, or a playdoll boat against a normal sized boat.
hen we entered the boat, I was shocked, I clearly had planned to shoot an outfit there, but then, everything was so bright yellow and orange, my least favorite colors and I felt like it wouldn't fit into my color scheme at all. But seeing the results now, on this super grey day here in Vienna, brightens everything a little bit up. 

For that day I tried out a little bit of a new style, I never was wearing a body-top before, and also, haven't worn a denim skirt since my kindergarten times I think. Still I am pretty happy about how that look came out, even more since I am combining it with the new shoes I bought at Sylt (because I had clearly the most useless shoes with me, I am still a very Sylt-beginner!) who have the perfect mixture of leopard and espadrilles, because well, they are Leopard-Espadrilles. 

I was wearing: 

Striped High Neck Body: TOPSHOP
A Line Midi Jeans Skirt with Buttons: ASOS
Leopard Espadrilles: LA PALMERIE
Black and Silver Chain Bag: STELLA MCCARTNEY