Green Spring and Ice-cream

Vienna get ready, I am back! Time to work and learn again after three wonderful weeks in London. Even if it feels pretty amazing to sleep in my own bed again, have the very best tap water back and seeing my beloved ones again, I already miss London. And it’s not even 24 hours since I arrived here! Damn, this city, makes my heart flatter when I just hear these lovely letters. Whatever, I am back and will have to do so many things - the next weeks are gonna be really busy busy busy! 

First of all, tomorrow and the next three days, some super important exams are waiting for me, just waiting to kill me… joking apart. I will manage it, somehow, there is some risk when you begin doing something like this without even touching your books once while you have been in London. (can’t really stop thinking about London…). 

What did I do instead of learning the past three weeks? Wait and see, I have sooo many pictures for you and there is hopefully something very special soon arriving by mail for me and then I will show you everything we have been working on these days! Just one word, it was super amazing, I’ve learned so much, not only within the course, also from the time I spent more or less alone in London. Look, again, I will never ever again stop talking about this city, I better should change my blog’s name to LondonCouture. 

Ok, change of subject. Hello Vienna, I am happy to be back, to enjoy the fabulous weather here (of course the weather will change tomorrow again, once I am back) and I took pictures! Can you see it, the fabulous magic thing hiding there? Ok it’s not really hiding, my skirt is big enough for three pictures! 

I LOVE IT. Isn’t it AMAZING? I’ve always been a big fan of H&M’s Conscious Collections, better I’ve been a big fan of all the special collections and collaborations H&M did in the past (...still need too shoot the H&M Studio things, just saying, it’s getting jungle-like!) but when I first heard of this collection, already some time ago, I think at the Oscars or so, I nearly went mad! And I instinctively knew I needed something from this collection. And how could I say no to the biggest and most wonderful ballerina skirt ever. 

This skirt literally got viral on the web, I think every blogger I am following on Instagram (yes, blogger tend to follow mainly other bloggers…) has got it and of course already posted it, so I am a bit late, but, hello this skirt will enrich so many outfits! I hope, I will be able to do at least three, so two more outfits the next time. 
The story behind these pictures? I don’t think I really have to say something about it. Just enjoy them! And please get yourself some Ice Cream too. Yummy. 

What I was wearing:

White Crop Bandeau / Top: BERSHKA
Long Tuelle Printed Ballerina Skirt: H&M CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE 2015
Green Sporty Lace Up Sandals: TOPSHOP UNIQUE
Pastell Sunglasses: DIOR