Glitter Moment for LV

Hello-hello folks! I’m coming out alive… Ok joking apart, no troubles, but I am back to blogging. The last two weeks were pretty insane, so much stuff happened, so much to do for college (this place is way more work than I thought and I am so happy about it!). And then Halloween, you know, I love that thing, playing dressing up, this year even twice, one time for College as Wednesday Addams, channeling my inner self to not lough the whole time to make it look more real, and the other night as Black Swan kinda Ballerina, well more just Ballerina than Black Swan, that second one was a little bit improvised.

 Ok, but, what happened in College? So, I had to finish my first big project and it was quite a lot of stress, find all the pictures, information and dates can be a little bit tricky sometimes (and then also remembering where you got all these info from for your bibliography). And, we already started with the next project! This one will be so awesome, I can’t wait to show it to you in 2 or 3 weeks. So happy and so creative! 

 This college really provides a lot of awesome stuff, still one of my favorites was the private party at the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition, almost three weeks ago. Since you already have seen the impressive pictures from inside in my last post, I now wanted to show you what I was wearing for a private Condé Nast Party with one of the biggest heritage houses in the world. I went for a little bit more than usual, mainly because we had like a complete lecture just about what we will wear for that event, all of our ideas were pretty impressive. I went as a kind of glitter girl. I never wear that much glitter since my kindergarten days are over (kinda miss them) and I felt pretty confident while walking around with all that glitter. The denim dress is maybe one of my new favorites, I found it at ASOS, felt in love and immediately put it into my shopping basket. I love the fact that now I can wear it with a jumper underneath (a very thin one, since the dress is pretty tight…) or in summer just like it is! A real layering star. 
Another big favorite is my glitter top. I just don’t know what glitter makes with me, but it makes me sooo happy. So much more than it should because now I’m really prone to buy everything with just a tiny bit of glitter on it and that’s not good in my old age. 
Living in one of the nicest neighborhoods has a big, very big, Brownie point: you have beautiful houses like this here, with this insane palm garden in front of it, somewhere around the corner. 

CoutureDepartment2015-7949 Kopie.jpg

I was wearing:

Midi Length Dark Blue Denim Dress: ASOS
Turtle Neck Glitter Longsleve: H&M STUDIO 2015
Dark Red Glitter Socks: MISSONI
Three Straps Wedge Sandals: FOREVER21
Little Black Bucket Bag: MCM