Furniture Shopping

Last weekend, when the weather used to be still good (and not as right now, grumpy weather..) my mom and I made a little road trip to a pretty nearby castle in Lower Austria. It's not only just pretty near, it is pretty too! Schloss Walpersdorf is like the most perfect place to marry and of course, there was a wedding party going on that day. 

It's a super special place, you have a cute little restaurant with seating in the courtyard, inside you may enjoy eating in the old castle kitchen (second pic!) and everything sounds and looks pretty perfect. 
But, of course it getting even better: on the two complete upper floors you will find the most insane furniture store ever. I could have bought seriously everything, no matter if one of these super comfy couches or the most wonderful little coffee tables (actually I might go there and buy one of these... so many golden ones!) 

The store is called Lederleitner, a company that also runs one of the biggest flower shops in Vienna (and some more in Lower Austria). They always have the most wonderful and best flowers you may get, of course everything with a super exquisite taste. It's like furniture transformed into flowers. 
But the best part in the castle-store was one special room: the curiosity room. I am a really big fan of everything macabre and entering this pretty dark and old wood paneled room nearly made me scream: everywhere things are on display that look like directly coming out of a natural history museum. Corals, crabs, insects, everything packed nicely in these pretty bell jars. I could spend my whole life in a room like this, without getting bored one single second. 
Another reaaaaally cool fact about this castle is hidden in the last two pictures down there. The castle has a moat, a classic moat where everything is green now. And. There are inhabitants. 
There are living the cutest little sheep, some really wonderful gooses and chickens! Chickens! Really faithful and friendly chickens, they have been very curious and I really loved to take pictures of them. They are my new chicks. 

Because I wasn't really prepared to shoot some outfit because my first thought was my mom would show me a boring castle somewhere in a one-horse town, so my look isn't quite special. And my hair is awful, I´m really apologizing for how my hair’s look-alike in one of these pictures (won't tell you which one… hehe), but there is one pretty perfect detail, my new favorite bag&shoe combo, my big summer romance. The fun fact? Their aren't even made by the same label, but they used exactly the same fabric! And its glittering! It cannot get any more perfect. 


I was wearing:

Dark Blue Linen Shirt: FROM A SMALL BEACH-SHOP
Olive Green Skinny Jeans: ZARA
Blue Glitter Espadrilles: SUNZ SHOES
Blue Glitter Bag: ZARA
Sunglasses: GUCCI