Fringe In The City

Hello my super lovely Loves! I am so happy, it's like there are drugs in the air, can't even tell you! I would like to spend every single second in the sun, even if I will get a sunburn  in less than 2 seconds, no matter, I just want to grab my straw hat, sunnies and sandals. The last weekend was pretty amazing, in Vienna everywhere have been concerts, events and the weather was, besides of some cooling rain, pretty amazing. And I. Had. So. Much. Ice. Cream. 

But but but, maybe I am also so happy because of a little someone... Maybe this skirt...? Yes I think so! This more-than-awesome fringe midi skirt is like a dream, the most beautiful shape, when you shake it you have the most fun ever and it looks amazing! But the best? It's another piece from the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection, so it's also completely acceptable for our planet and for some good reason! Every piece of fashion  should be like this. 

When I First saw the skirt, I immediately thought about Burberry, its shape and length are pretty much the same as the beautiful pencil skirts Christopher Baily created for the last collections of the Londoner Heritage House. I always wished one of these skirts would magically land in my closet, one of these with the palettes or lace, I am starting dreaming again.... 
So it was pretty clear, I had to wear my beloved Burberry Jacket with it and I think, it fits perfectly! 

And I am really sorry for the bad ponytail, I am the most awful ponytail-maker ever, I probably will never get all of the hair into it. But maybe you guys have some tips for me? 


I was wearing:

Midi Lavendel / Pastel Grey Fringe Skirt: H&M CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE
White Linen T-Shirt: HALLHUBER
Black Cropped Leather Jacket: BURBERRY
Black Sandals: ZARA