Flower Vibe

Here it is, my new haircut! What do you think? Grown out kinda bangs, a little bit shorter, a little bit more volume and of course, a little bit more 1970s vibe. This is maybe one of the most strange things I did the last couple of weeks, cutting my hair in a different style. I had the same styling now for, … don't know, 3 years, always with the main intention of having super long blonde hair, and now, I just cut it 4 cm shorter. 

Well I am not very happy yet, even if I really like these bangs and that my hair is kind of straight now. I still have to think about it! Maybe next time, when I am washing and styling my hair on my own, I will suddenly fall in love with it. Just wait and see! 

So, this day generously wasn’t as hot as the other ones, so I could wear my favorite pair of jeans again without dying in the sun. Slipping over this vintage flower shirt which has been hanging in my closet for ages now, without ever be worn, I already had got this special kind of 70s feeling. And then these sunglasses and shoes, I really like it. 

The fun thing about the current flower power 70s style is, that on the one side, you have this very elegant kind of style, with a lot of suede and leather, brown shades and white, and then, there is also this hippie chic, with flowers being a must and always coming with that special festival vibe. 

I was wearing:

Black Flower Shirt: VINTAGE
Babyblue Skinny Ankle Jeans: DIESEL
Leopard Pumps: BARBARA BUI
Res 70s Style Sunglasses: MANGO