Cristal Clear

Happy Weekend guys! Friday is and always will be one of the best days of the week, it sounds so much like a fun day or the beginning of several fun days that when ever we will hear friday, our inner voice will scream a big YES! 

This weekend begin I wanted to introduce you to one of my new favorite places in Austria. This little lake, is a pure nature phenomena. The Weissensee, so called because of it's white beaches all around it, is located in Kärnten, the nearest part of Austria to Italy, so not just the landscape is perfect, also the climate is! It's the clearest water you can find in Austria, you can drink it without any thoughts (maybe not at the beaches, there it's sometimes a little bit sandy) and, the most amazing thing, you can look six meters down in it, and still see every little fish or alga or stone. Thanks to the white sand in it, the water is blue, even turquise at some parts of the lake and wouldn't there be an austrian wood around it, you could totally confuse it with a beach on the male dives or something far away like this! 

Of course we spend way to little time there, but for a first test, if this place would be an accurate family holiday trip worth, it was perfect. We had every weather that was possible, except for snow, but, rain, cloudy, heat, sun, everything was there. 

My packed clothes for this weekend where pretty easy, just shorts and basic shirts, everything should be very practical, so we would be able to go on a mountanbike tour or something crazy like this, what in the end, we didn't made because all of the to-borrow-bikes where already borrowed to people who wear earlier there. You see, it's a very popular holiday place. Also it was super hard to get a last minute hotel room somewhere, but well, we still made it somehow. 

There is something else really uncommon for me, the shoes. No, I wasn't going out with my usual glitter high heels in a nature reserve without a normal street, no, I actually wore flats, moreover, I wore sneakers. My old white Converse, for the very first time after years I think. There was a time, long before I started a bigger interest in fashion and style or even have thought about a blog, where I wore chucks, not just these white ones, no I still have about six different colors somewhere in my closet. 
Happy Weekend everyone!

I was wearing:

Easy Grey V-Neck T-Shirt: JAMES PERSE
Blue Printed Shorts: HALLHUBER
White Sneakers: CONVERSE
Little Black Croco Bag: VINTAGE
Little Black Fake Fur Bag-Charm: H&M