Cologne Old Town

Hello and good morning from Milan! I just arrived and of course I had to give you a short update, yes, it’s beautiful here, yes, it’s hot and yes, the sun is shining like hell! But, I am so happy to be back in one of the biggest fashion cities, even if we are just here for art, topped with art and a little pinch of art. It’s all about the new museums here, the Expo of course, and when leaving for Venezia, the same kind of scheme starts there with the Biennale. 

But as you can see, these pictures are definitely not from Milan, they were made in Cologne! Better, in the old town of this german city. Our trip to Cologne had many ups and downs, sadly, more downs, the weather was horrible (not really warm, but always muggy, so we had headache all the time), the city was full of tourists and groups of hens celebrating the last weekend of their unmarried friend (and they have been kinda drunk and loud…) and, because this just wasn’t enough, we weren’t able to find one really good restaurant. 

And after all of those downs, here are the ups! We were back together! After months of not seeing my London-Partner-In-Crime and one of my favorite gurls, we had so much to talk about and lough and on and on and on: not to forget this was also a completely art-themed trip (more in the next posts, just saying: Karl-fandom…) and we visited 5 museums and all of them had their own little story. 

And of course, don’t forget about the really beautiful old town in Cologne! I adore those little colorful tiny houses, the old churches everywhere and that it’s super normal to just sit at the River Rhein and eat ice cream (another highlight of this trip, but well, every ice cream is a highlight….). For that day I was wearing something really casual, like I did all days in Cologne, we were running from place to place, with my new silver sale found, the sandals. a easy-peasy jean and shirt and my all time favorite nude blazer. 

So guys, for the next six days you may expect a LOT of Instagram (@eleonorestifter) activity, so follow me on those crazy scheduled art trip trough Milan and Venezia! And after this little Italy trip, there is another secret one day trip to do, and about this I am already dying of nervousness!

I was wearing:

White Easy-Tee: H&M
Babyblue Skinny Ankle Jeans: DIESEL
Long Nude Blazer: JOSEPH
Black big Handbag: LONGCHAMP
Silver Midi Sandals: BERSHKA