Cherry Blossoms

Hello hello, my Loves! How are you all, everything alright? How do you think about blossoms? Or spring? Aren't blossoms just the most beautiful thing in the world? I mean. Cherry blossoms are pink, already a big Brownie point, then they are a clear symbol for the weather changing now, that the sun kissing us more often and of course it´s getting warmer day by day. So, yes, I love blossoms.

That was one of my last days in Vienna before leaving for London, we have been for some food shopping and on our way back home we suddenly saw this sea of prettiness. Sadly the other background isn't that amazing, please just ignore the trash or the lamp coming out of my head. 
I wore my new kind of favorite combination, a skirt (no matter which one, I am a skirty-girly), a little white tee, this necklace from &Other Stories  I bought like years ago and my fake leather belt. It has a little bit of this 70s vibe I’m currently in, but not too much, maybe only in my eyes but, I could go out exactly like this every single day. 
The cardigan was a must, since it wasn't that warm, I was also wearing a coat on top of everything, but who cares about coats...?

And since I am still in London and feeling today for the first time like a human again (was sick guys, seriously, I am always sick) I am so happy to say that I really love this course! Even when I was feeling like a little devil lived in my throat the last days, this is really the thing I want to learn. And we were at the Savage Beauty exhibition, I mean, how awesome? I even made same secret forbidden photography with my mobile, maybe I will show them to you guys, but well, don't tell the security of the V&A! 

I was wearing:

Pink Cardigan: PURE CASHMERE
White Short Knitted Short Sleeve: H&M
Golden Necklace with a Pearl: AND OTHER STORIES
Fake Leather Belt: ZARA
Knitted Skirt: HALLHUBER
Black Bag with Silver Chains: STELLA McCARTNEY
Black Suede Overtness: STUART WEITZMANN