Chalet Moments

Isn't that beautiful? So wonderful to look at, one of the most amazing views and you can never get enough of it. I am talking about the Chalet, obviously. I love it. I love every kind of Chalets, I dare say. Or housing in the mountains. Maybe I just love mountains. 
No, I love the Chalet. Come on, just loooook at it!

Enough already. Ok. So, this day at Kitzbuehel was super sunny and just amazing. The whole previous day it was pouring with rain, grey in grey and super depressingly. But suddenly, the weather changed 360° and it turned out to be a super wonderful late afternoon. 

I recently really have been in love with every shade of brown, don't know why, I’ve literally never ever worn it before and never ever ever ever thought about wearing it. But. People change, style changes, and here I am, with brown shoes, brown belt and brown bag. For the beginning, I am still choosing the more darker brown shades, like dark chocolate. Or nougat. (Mhh.. Getting myself some chocolate now...)...
Okay, mission done. Chocolate is in my belly. - Big smile. 

At one of my last shopping trips in the city I found this long cardigan and it was like the sun would rise in my mind. I am wearing it all the time. For sleeping, flying, lying on the couch, making myself porridge at 3am, and so on... This really seems to be one of the best inventions of the century. You can wear it as a dress (like here, I mean, it toll looks acceptable, right? Even if I really need to find a better way, everything holds together), as a dressing grown, as an undercoat for jackets or similar and - of course - as normal cardigan. So, get ready for some cardigano-momentos! 
(Sorry for the really bad wordplay.)

The last days, back from Kitzbuehel and London, I was mostly spending in Bed, these after 'London-Skiing-and-Plane' colds are really mean and need a long time to say goodbye. So, having said that, I also had some learning for my exam tomorrow, until now I've literally done nothing, except, sleeping, relaxing, watching 2 Seasons of Clueless and writing some posts. From now on, I will catch up on all the missing stuff, like, more from Kitz, London and soon also a very special post for which I still have no idea how to style it! Happy Friday, my Loves! 

CoutureDepartment-2931 Kopie.jpg

Long Beige Cardigan: BERSCHKA
Black Basic Top: H&M
Chcoclate-Brown Belt: LORO PIANA
Vintage Crocodile Brown Bag: SALVATORE FERRAGAMO
Brown Wedge Boots: MONCLER