Casual is the new Autumn/Winter trend for this year, well ok, not exactly new, and maybe it is also not exactly a trend right now, but it definitely is my personal trend. I’ve always been the more girly girl, wearing skirts and dresses at under zero temperatures, and if it was the only thing fitting over it, even a summer coat. Yes, I was always sick, I mean, how could you not be sick when you are wearing a Mini Skirt at -10 degrees?

But this year, I am trying something new. My newest addiction are jumpers, jumpers exactly like this, jumpers are so easy, you don’t have to think about what to wear with them, because they always make a great outfit. And secondly, and even more important in my eyes, shoes. No, not normal black boots I used to buy like five per season - no, this year I am into fun-boots! This means, every shoe with a special heel, a funky print or animal fake skin, even the one with really awkward but beautiful ones, are on my list. 
The first ones are here.. On my feet! I just adore them. I could wear them everywhere. And let me just say, the whole world loves them. There is no day in College when wearing them, not any of my colleagues is asking me about them, not one shopping moment without any sales assistant asking me with big eyes where they are from. 
Those heels, folks, definitely go for best buy of the season. Even more since I also got them in black. Thanks to my super-duper mommy who bought them in Vienna when they have already been sold out here in London. 

So, right now I have just two more weeks in London till my very first trimester is finished. And I love it, can’t wait to come back to Vienna (with hopefully some snow - fingers crossed), seeing all those Christmas lights, because you know, Vienna has the most beautiful ones, visiting my favorite places and work on my newest project over Christmas!

I was wearing:

Fringed Jumper: H&M
Dark green coated Jeans: ZARA
Nude glossy Boots with Orange Ombre Heel: ZARA
Black and Silver Chain Bag: STELLA McCARTNEY