Bright White

Last weekend I spent another lunch-break at one of the many cities I like to call home, at Krems. This tiny place is not far away from our weekend home or garden, how I used to tag it on Instagram. Krems is one of the most ancient cities in Austria, you’ll find there tiny stores, tiny restaurants and tiny streets. The most tiny one, is this one here, it's basically not wider than a normal corridor and stays nearly invisible for people who don't know it. 
On the downhill side, you enter it between two stores, it's pretty dark from there and seems more like one of the dark sides of a Harry Potter Village, but when passing the first steps, it suddenly clears up and you have, with the right light of course, a mediterranean feeling always reminding me a little bit of Greece! 
The supports you see between the houses are there because the houses are so old that they would get lopsided with the time. (What the heck I’m knowing thanks to my parents being architects both...)

I am showing you also something else... My new discovery in one of Vienna's vintage stores, this amazing (sorry a-m-a-z-i-n-g) little cross body bag, in olive green that seems to become one of my favorite colors (at least my partner in crime always tells me I should stop looking at the olive green clothes at Topshop because I would already have enough.. I mean, no, I will never have enough olive green, hello-o..?). It's a Ferragamo, a totally perfect addition because I love Ferragamo and I am still tinker with the idea of buying one of these traditional kitten heels with that legendary bow on it. 
The rest of the outfit is pretty easy.. just a white top, some lace ups and red sunglasses, oh and a menswear jeans. I swear, I've been only once at the H&M men’s denim section and these jeans are like the best thing ever. It’s having pockets, real pockets! I mean, perhaps these pockets don't make the best silhouette ever, but, I can put my complete iPhone6 inside without that horror feeling it's gonna drop out the very next step. And, they are so much more comfy than normal skinny jeans. I am so happy about this lucky chance. I can't even express how happy I am, these jeans are gonna be my new basic for literally everything and everywhere! 

I was wearing:

White Easy Tee: H&M
Black Ripped Menswear Denim Skinny Jeans: H&M
Leopard Lace Up Flats: TOPSHOP
Olive Green Vintage Bag with Gold Details: FERRAGAMO
Red Sunglasses: MANGO