Big Red Bag

Oh guys I tell you, living in London is really exhausting. Even more if your College programme is really intense and tough. And even more, if College isn't your only duty, there still is Vienna, and my personal health struggling 24/7 with the awesome british heating systems and of course, this blog. The blog is coming way to short right now and I am so sorry about that. I still have to find the right mixture of blogging and learning. 

Funny, that this post catches up on both. My course has different units and during this very first we have to do a project about a fashion brand and, life is so funny sometimes, for me it's Valentino! Basically, I first wanted to do Fendi, because Fendi is my big love in the fashion world right now, but it wasn't fitting into the criteria. 
Besides, my project has different parts, I have to write three different texts about the Valentino House, divided into blog posts. I am already planning like crazy, but right now it looks like I will publish them on a different blog, but still on this site! 
All sounds a little bit complicated, but, if you are really interested in what a Condé Nast student has to do, just keep following me on Instagram and Snapchat (if you survive seeing me do silly stuff with those face-mask-filters) and of course, keep up to date with the blog here, I will do an individual post telling you more and showing some stuff of it! 

So, coming back to the main theme, Valentino. Current epicenter of my whole life and I am really happy, I did this quite big step on the day I left Vienna. During he last year, I was saving money in my piggy bank, and after one year of struggling for what I will spend it, my personal little savings, I decided that the honor goes to the big Italian fashion house of Valentino! 
I am already a long lasting fan of their Rockstud collection, also the shoes, and clothes, and backpacks... I could have bought everything! 
In the end, I decided to go for a way smaller bag size than usual, recently I became a girl that actually can survive with a bag not bigger than a clutch (don't the heck ask me how I do that, every day I am surprised again about that), of course in the perfect red color of Valentino, because red is just the color to have when you buy something from this heritage house. 

Even if I already found the bag in the second room, I just had to have a look at the whole store. It was suprisingly big, from outside it looks quite tiny, but when you climb these amazing walnut-wooden stairs, suddenly the most awesome dresses hang there just like little gems. Whoever designed those new Valentino stores, is a real genius.

I was wearing:

Black Trench coat: H&M
Self destroyed Dark Washed Grey Skinny Jeans: CHEAP MONDAY
Cropped Grey Cashmere Jumper: ERIC BOMPARD
Plastic Rain Boots: -UNKOWN-
Colorful tiny Silk Scarf: H&M STUDIO SS15
Big Black Bag with Belt Details: BURBERRY