Big News

Hello hello! Guess where I am…? My favorite city in the whole world? That place where I will be going to spend THE WHOLE YEAR and not just some tiny weeks as my visits before, yes, I am talking about LONDON. I am so happy to be back, my last time London was in summer, for 24 hours only, but those 24 hours changed my life completely. I know I haven’t told you yet what's going to happen,I kept this litte, no big, secret a long time here on the blog, because I really wanted it to be a surprise! 

Ok,so, get ready:
I AM MOVING TO LONDON. Ok. Part one is over. But now, get even more ready for part two. I GOT ACCEPTED AT THE CONDÉ NAST COLLEGE OF FASHION & DESIGN. This was one of my biggest dreams yet. I am going to, as good as it gets, to the Vogue School. Going to learn absolutely everything about Magazines, PR, Marketing, Fashion History, Styling, Editing and so on. And I am already going nuts thinking of my first day in those wonderful whitewalls, at this perfect spot in Soho in the middle of London. You see, I am seriously happy. Super seriously happy. 
Still there are some points I am kind of sad about. I am leaving Vienna, my home for a really long time, I am moving out from home, going away from my mommy and daddy, leaving all my friends and worst, my boyfriend. Even if I will come back pretty often (can’t live without some of these essentials) it won’t ever be again the same. London is now my home, the place where I will live, English will be the language I speak the whole day and fashion will be my only topic for every single day to come. 

This school, I am so honored to visit from Tuesday on, will change everything. I am going to improve all my fashion skills to something more professional, gain more and more knowledge about the whole fashion system, its terms, people, bad sides and good sides. There is no way back, fashion is going to be my life from now on (as if it wouldn’t have been it already since years, yeah.) 

Another topic, I am pretty sorry I haven’t blogged the last time. If you follow me on Instagram etc, you probably already realized the reason. I mainly spent my whole time as a volunteer in one of Viennas Refugee Camps, always in the kitchen, sometimes also playing with those more than lovely children who have this hard journey behind them. From morning to evening I was cutting bread, serving warm soup, preparing food for the buffet and tried to smile in every single face I see. It was hard. I have been stressing my nerves several times but in the end of the day I always have been very happy about it. I will tell you more about that work later, when I will have found a little bit of distance to all that experiences, to all those memories. I think it’s important to send out this message, there is so much evil going on right now and even if this website should be a place where you only read about beautiful things that make happy and have nice stories behind every picture, sometimes you have to show the worst case scenario to enjoy and esteem the best cases more. 

But for now, have a look at my school, at their awesome website and get jealous on what I will live the next whole year! I will keep you up to date, let you know what kind of topics I will be working on, what awesome exhibitions I will visit and so on. Keep also an eye on my Snapchat. I will snap like crazy when I get my UK mobile contract, post on Instagram at least one hundred times a day (don’t even know if there is a limit for this... should definitely find out more about that). 
The pants I am wearing here, are of course my favorite ones. Sadly I haven’t got any time to shoot them in another outfit, but well, let’s see what the next weeks will bring! I will of course post more and more so expect a lot! 

I was wearing:

White Shirt: ZARA
Flower Power Jeans: HOUSE OF HOLLAND