Big Hat Day

Happy Sunday, folks! How has your weekend been so far? Do you have some nice plans for your Sunday afternoon (after you hopefully spent the whole morning in bed to find out that this heatwave has nearly gone…). Since I am back here in Vienna, I have been living through a hundreds of heat-shocks per minute, it's so crazily hot, but today there’s a big summer storm to come, I am already so excited, hopefully I’m expecting some more rainbows! 

If you follow me on Instagram, something you really should do, because I am getting more active there per minute, you probably already have seen these beautiful pictures of a tiny lake in Austria, my latest getaway this summer, and sadly I think also the last (last minute holiday, I am still thinking about you...!). So, I’ve never been this kind of lake-holiday-maker, but, well, have you seen the crystal clear blue water they have there? It's seriously unbelievable. But more on this later. 

Here I am wearing the most contrasting outfit - compared to my outfits at the lake that have all been really comfy and sporty (even found my 6 year old chucks again!) - this big hat in combination with the skirt is truly a diva outfit. On some days, when it's especially hot in the city, I just want to throw on one of these Gossip Girl / Sex and the City looks, to proof that even when you are sweating like a pig… (sorry for the bad word) you can look super elegant and stylish. 

The background is also very famous in Vienna, it's the wall of our nicest Museum (at least from the outside), the Leopold in the Museums Quartier. And, I am not joking, it's THE shooting background in Vienna, we had to wait till some others finished their shooting and in the end another photographer already waited and took some pictures of me as well...

I was wearing:

White Cropped Top: BERSHKA
Midi Colorful Skirt: ZARA
Big Dark Blue Straw Hat: FRENCH CONNECTION
Black Glitter Sandals: & OTHER STORIES
Bracelet Black and Gold: SWAROVSKI
Bracelet Black and Silver: & OTHER STORIES
Bracelet Silver with World Charm: SASKIA DIEZ