Armani Silos - The best Fashion Archive ever

Today I will take you to a little flashback to Milan there I’ve been some weeks ago, now I finally managed to edit the first pack of images from one of the most amazing places I've ever visited, the Armani Silos Museum. I’ve always been a big fan of every kind of fashion exhibition, and when I heard that not just one, no two of the biggest Italian brands open their houses in Milan, I was thrilled like hell to visit them. But what I saw there, was thousand times better than I could have expected. 

This place is really covered with magic, you enter it and everything is in perfect greige, a color mix from grey and brown and after that you enter several rooms filled with the most rememberable dresses you can imagine. There are in total three little cinemas showing the last fashion shows, celebrities in Armani dresses on the red carpet or everything notable in Giorgio Armani’s life.
Describing this place is very hard, everywhere dummies are standing with beautiful dresses, in one room the more normal pant suits and coats, in the next room you will find wonderful silk Haute Couture gowns or, on the very top floor, the most amazing glitter dresses - and they are definitely more an art piece than a dress. It’s all organized in colors and themes, the years and collections are mixed up together, even men and women are in the same rooms. But in this way, you'll have the best overview on how wonderful the dresses from 20 years ago look next to the ones from the past 3 years. 

But seriously guys, if you get the chance to visit this place in the next years, just do it, you won’t believe it until having seen it with your very own eyes. 

What else happened the last days? Well, if you follow me in Instagream, you should have seen wonderful pictures from Sylt, one of the most wonderful islands I’ve ever visited (ok, I haven’t visited that much different islands yet…), spend one day in Hamburg to catch up with my favorite auntie and now, after like twelve hours in Vienna, one whole day in Munich (with big connecition struggles, like always), I am already on the train back to Vienna. So, there is happening a lot! But there is even more to come, stay tuned!

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