Après Ski

Already known? I am skipping blogging, college, school and everything else. I have actually found my dream, the thing that will always and forever make me happy. I am gonna be a snow-stripper! Always with a view of the mountains, with fur boots and just a little bikini! Maybe a little hat, why not even a furkini...? Seriously. This will be my very last post. From now on, you will find me out there in the snow. 

So, have you noticed the date? Yes it's already a little bit late, but, good jokes are never too late, especially on the 1st April. Of course, I would never skip any of these things, even if the thought of seeing these beautiful mountains forever isn't that bad. But maybe with a little bit more than a bikini, otherwise I would die of colds and fever and who knows what. 
So, yes indeed, here we are back at Kitzbuehel, and this outfit was my little pest. We have been shooting it twice, and before that, I spent hours thinking about it. I had a super clear idea in my head, but I was unable to take out the correct clothes from my closet. These silver Moon Boots were obligatory, plus some tiny fur accessories and skiing glasses. Why? I don't know! And of course, snow as a background and sun. And so many other little things stucking in my brain. 

But, looking back, I really love this combination, it has something unconventional and very easy, already a little bit too casual for me, but in the mountains everything is possible. It was my last day there, before I left for London (this will happen again in a few little days - aaah) and of course it was the first day with sun and beautiful weather during our little trip. Before this, we habe been skiing, only very briefly which was really tragic, but both our shoes, my Moms and mine, have been hurting like crazy and we won't even mention that because we are the most unsporting family ever, okay? 

I hope you like it, leave a comment if so, also about my serious future thoughts? (Any more Ideas for fur and bikinis?)

I was wearing:

Light white Top: H&M
Long Beige Cotton Cardigan: BERSHKA
Babyblue Skinny Jeans: DIESEL
Silver Snow Boots: MOON BOOTS
Tiny Silver Cross-Body Bag: LA HALLE
Beige Fake Fur Hat: BARTS
Yeti Fake Fur Ball: ESPRIT
Skiing Glasses: QUIKSILVER