A Cold Breeze

Hey-hey-hey-hey! I am back! Ok, the last couple of days have been a little horror trip for me, I had to reorganize my picture and photo library completely and record it on two different hard disks. And of course, it didn't work at first time, also didn't work at second time, but finally the third try was successful! And now I am able to show you.... A cold breeze from Sylt, super suitable for the 38 degrees we actually are suffering from here in Vienna. 

So Sylt was a dream. I never thought I could fell in love so much with a northern sea island, but it happened, This place, it`s landscape and nature, is just breathtaking. You have miles and miles of pure nature, with just a little walking track leading to the endless beach. I mean, the weather wasn't quite perfect, we have had seriously freezing our asses of sometimes, but, I don't care, this island got my heart. 

These pictures were made at the so called Ellenbogen, the nature reserve in the very north of the island, with lots of sheeps (hello little cuties), strolling around how they like to, no fences trapping these sweet little white clouds! 
Obviously it was a little bit windy when we got to the seaside, in true, it was even hard to stand there because the wind was so strong, but this is just a big plus point for these pictures making them really alive. 
And these dunes... the water... oh folks, I swear, this island, I think I wouldn't even love one of the Pacific Islands this much! (haven't tried that, but, well ok.. maybe they would be both perfect places, if I ever visit them... or Indonesia...) 

Everything there was so wonderful, I definitely will come back, no matter what happens, this nature and the climate there is the most relaxing ever and I am now a truthful Sylt-addict! 

I was wearing:

Silver Rain Jacket: BERSHKA
Long Silver Pashmina Scarf: TOURIST SHOP IN SYLT (GOSH - the one with a Lobster on it)
White Skinny Jeans: AG JEANS
Silver Sandals: BERSHKA