Beating the Wind

Vienna is definitely the windiest city I know. There’s always a little breeze, but normally it's a quite strong wind, sometimes even so strong you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the air and it's energy. In summer, this can be heaven, but in winter and fall and spring (pollen, loose sheet, dust, etc.) most of the time this is pretty annoying.
I am always really surprised when traveling around and suddenly do realize that it's completely windless, because I am not used to it and I even miss the wind a little bit!

But on this day, the wind was like straight out of hell. It was already pretty cold and topped with the strong wind through the small streets of Vienna, it wasn't fun. Happily I just had to go the supermarket and shoot these pictures, otherwise I would have turned into a little ice cube.
A long coat can be really useful in airy-fairy times, as long as you are going in the right direction, because when turning around, suddenly the whole coat seems to change into an big tent or balloon and you can be pretty sure, you will meet flying birds soon, because you are blown away. (Joke)

I am still in summer mood, so I tried how to wear a summer print in winter, I am happy that it worked out pretty well! I’ve been lucky that the top and the coat have exactly the same color and the white skirt isn't contrasting too strong.

Happy Sunday, my Loves! I will be staying in my windless room, or even better, in my wind-lesser bed and will be learning. Or pretend to be learning so I can eat some chocolate afterwards with no sign of a bad conscience! Kisses!

Long Military Green Coat: JIGSAW (here - SALE)
Green Flower - Print Top: KING KONG (similar here - shop brand here)
White Skirt: ZARA 
Black Overknes: STUART WEITZMAN '5050'
Black Tights: KUNERT
Black Leather Shopper: BURBERRY
Gold & Silver Wristbands: & OTHER STORIES (here and here)
Gold & Black Wristbands: SWAROVSKI
Nail Polish: KURE BAZAAR 'Corso 22'