Save our Oceans - NOW!!!

Hello my dear fellows! Today I will show you some pictures made ages ago, but I wanted to keep them, because – well - no idea why, but today I had that feeling it would be the perfect day for them. The location? The wonderful and amazing rooftop bar at the 'Haus des Meeres', a giant bunker with nothing else than aquariums and terrariums and thousands of fishes, insects and other little animals.
As a child this was one of my favorite places, it's like going to an indoor zoo, without necessity of good weather or warm sunlight. There are the most amazing little worlds behind every window, snakes, jellyfishes, spiders, frogs and even monkeys in the huge winter garden.

But my biggest favorite, which I recognized way too late, just some weeks ago when we have been there to shoot these pictures, is that they have an open aquarium with koi carps in it which want to be petted. Seriously, these wonderful and majestic fishes are touching you when you hold your hand near the surface of the water and want to be stroked and scratched lightly. This is literally one of the most fascinating feelings ever, I swear, this experience is a really good reason worth to pay the entry fee, just going there and getting in touch with these wonderful animals for some time. 

So, the reason we shot this outfit there is the jacket. It's already pretty old, I've bought it last fall just because of its wonderful material. I don't really like the shape our silhouette, for me it's way to sporty and I thought ages about how to wear it without looking like I would go to the gym. I decided for an elegant and easy skirt and crop duo, so the jacket fits in my idea of an outfit. 

So, now comes the story of this jacket: it's made out of plastic. Plastic bottles mainly (I think.) 
No joking, this Jacket is part of a wonderful charity and climate protection project. G-Star had this amazing idea, they produced a whole collection just with some jeans of recycled plastic they found in the seas and sold this. And for me, the vegetarian, animal friendly, charity addicted climate protector, there was no question to join the idea and to buy one piece out of the collection. 

The whole thing is called: RAW FOR THE OCEANS and the face of the collection is none less than Pharell Williams himself. And the best: the logo is a super cute and small squid and I adore squids and jelly fishes sooooo much, ok, with a lot of fantasy the logo could also be a jellyfish. This makes it even better. 

So my Loves, I hope this may inspire you to support some kind of these projects in the future, I am really sure there will come more and more fashionable charity and climate protection projects soon, at least, I really hope it. 


Charity Jacket made out of Plastic Botels: G-STAR RAW (here)
Black Basic Cropped Top: AMERICAN APPAREL (here)
Black Skirt: CARVEN