Be your own Sunshine


So much rain in the past days! I swear, it was raining cats and dogs in Vienna. The clouds where crying the whole time, the sky was just grey in grey and everything felt so uncomfortable. But, when the weather doesn´t seem to like you at all, be your own sunshine and wear the most colorful jacket you can find in your closet! 

I think I've bought this sailor jacket three or four years ago, of course in London. There´s no better place to shop rain jackets than London, well-known for its 24/7 rain situations. I never knew how to wear it, because well, I always thought I would look awful in any type of yellow, but now it came out, that with a little smile (and being a little goofbag) everything is fitting you! 

Did I already mention the a-m-a-z-i-n-g umbrella? I looove transparent umbrellas, oh yes. Under a normal umbrella you are always hiding yourself and it's dark and no light comes to your eyes. But with this one, the world seems to be lighter and a little bit happier (besides the fact that it is still raining…). 

I’ve had a frantically busy week and I think there will be even more stressful (but wonderful and inspiring) week to come! And there is still Fashion Week, of course I am already working on the next little report on London Fashion Week, and soon also Milan. Kisses! 

CoutureDepartment-2337 Kopie.jpg

Bright Yellow Sailer Rain Jacket: TOPSHOP
Babyblue Skinny Jeans: DIESEL
Black Bikerboots: L'AUTRE CHOSE
Little Black Bucket Bag: MCM Vintage
Silver, Gold and Black Jewels: &OTHER STORIES and SWAROVSKI