The time has come! Today! It's Valentine’s Day! Look at your calendars, boys and girls, because today is the day, when we all should just think about one tiny word. Four super little letters, the most important thing in the world and the reason our lives will all be happier, L O V E. 

This day has a pretty interesting story, like most holidays, it found its beginnings in the religion. The church hold services this day blessing married couples, but over the years, the day changed to a lot of different traditions everywhere in the world. One of my favorite, in Japan, not the women get the flowers or chocolate, the men do! Or in South Africa everyone is wearing white and red, to show their love. The day, and the custom to buy red roses, were thought out by the florists themselves, only since then we are seeing this day’s special advertisements everywhere. 

As you see, everyone in the world is celebrating this day differently and even if you’re not having someone so special right now, just have a look around you, your family, your friends, even your neighbors! When you want to make someone happy this day, just do it, you don't need a relationship! My Valentine will be my mom, who needs an extra portion of love during these days, because she's a little bit sick. 

But, since I am still a fashion blogger, how could I not mention my outfit for this day! Of course it had to be pink, all pink, all red, colors I love. The most awesome thing about the whole look, are the shoes, pink and red glitter shoes. Maybe you already know them, they have been all over the news and sometimes still are. So unmistakable and new, only one master could have done them, Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent (AW14). Another thing that I couldn't live without in this postare where my fluffy puffs, so, the tiny fake fur balls on my little vintage bag (ok, stolen again from mom’s closet).

So, I am sending you kisses from Paris, well, or more precisely from infront of my huge picture Paris-Eiffel Tower-picture, and my pink colored curtains!

Spread the   L O V E   today my Loves! 

Light Pink Cashmere Cardigan: PURE CASHMERE
Bright Pink-Red Top: ZARA
Bright Pink-Red A-Line Miniskirt: ZARA (similar here)
Red & Pink Glitter Mary Janes Kitten Heels: SAINT LAURENT (similar here)
Tiny Red Beg: VINTAGE (similar here)
Little Beige FakeFur Ball: H&M
Big Beige FakeFur Ball: RIVER SILAND
Polka Dot Thights: LOOK (similar here)
Nail Polish: Description here