The Perfect Box of Chocolate

VDay is already over, but I just can't get the feeling off,  I need even more pink-heart-shaped stuff. I love holidays, to put it mildly, I love every day with a theme, and I love these days even more, when you can by extra decorations, presents and, most important, themed chocolate. Tiny pink chocolate hearts (with champagne flavor, I mean hello?) are one of my favs, but I shouldn't forget about the red lip pralinés. Or the pink raspberry chocolate. Or all the lollipops. 

As you know already, I am a chocolate-shopper prof. There are at least two things I am like really really good at, buying shoes and sweets. Whenever it's possible, I would buy as much chocolate as is needed to cover our whole dining table (and well, this is a table for 14 people..!) and my parents are already hating me for this. 

But this time, I was even more crazy. This post, is completely about one single box of chocolate pralinés. And what’s even more crazy about that, I ordered them from Selfridges. Yes, I ordered a box of tiny hearts and these wonderful filled little happy makers.. online… and they have been sent all the way from the UK and will now find their happy end in my belly. Okay, maybe I am gonna share some with my mommy...

The important thing about that box, or the awesome, special and wonderful, is the box itself. It has been designed by no one else less than Olympia Le Tan, one of my favorite bag designers right now. She is the one, who invented the book-clutch. The amazing book-clutch, I am dreaming of for months now, maybe years. And NOW I have one. Filled with the very best chocolate. What do you think? - it can't get any better, right?

Pierre Marcolini Chocolate
Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutches
The Perfect Box of Chocolate - Olympia Le-Tan x Pierre Marcolini