Flirty Lips

So, maybe you already had a guess what this post is about... A new Make Up talk! Yes, and of course, with a very special topic, all about love, love, love, the love for you my Loves. (Yes I am a Valentine’s Day addict; strictly speaking, I am addicted to any kind of holiday you can buy decoration for...!)

So, now I will show you my current favorite beauty products, even if my preferences are always changing quite quickly, depending on my mood, my skin and what I will wear that day… - here you’ll find some little heroes I am using now for several months and still am in love with! (Yes - all about love today...)

I took these pictures in front of my new golden wall, which seems to have the perfect lighting, I just adore how you can recognize the dark shadows and the white circle around me, with these golden edges.
By the way, this is just the first post of three valentine-themed stories I am working on right now! So, during the next week, I will see the world through pink glasses and will be putting all my love in these posts.
See you, my lovely Loves!


I made my beloved on-the-go braid for these pictures, called fishtail braid. During the last year, whenever I had the feeling for a braid, I made this kind of braid (is there another word for braid..?).
For me, it is just looking so much better than to classic one, the hair seems to be thicker and no matter how short your hair is, this will not make them look shorter!

Last week, when I wore it, I got asked several times how to make it and I have to admit, it's not the easiest thing in the world, you need some practice for it, that’s sure, but once you got it, it’s just perfect and I always will prefer this kind of braiding.

I am sure that there are hundreds of tutorials in the internet that will show you how to this, I am a real bad tutor in things like this, so I leave it to the hair and beauty profs!


The nails definitely are the thing that took me the longest for this project. I got literally crazy with them and I think I started three times completely from the beginning, but I couldn't bear up a bad perfect result.

And I just had to have them, I mean, when else could I wear little hearts on my nails? There is no better excuse than this project.
So, the tricky thing about it, of course, is to manage the tiny hearts. In the end, I was sitting until 4am, watching Mamma Mia and taking every single heart with tweezers and placing them on my nude nail polish base.
The point is, when you just try to paint them with the normal brush, you will always have about three to four on top of each other and just on one spot on your nails.

This is a reason I will not use them very often, even if I truly love them, they’re just way too cute for the living...


My eye makeup! So, on these two pictures you see my absolute favorite since last summer. I bought this eye shadow palette together with my girlfriends in Nice when we were there for holiday. And since then I might have used it nearly every day. I also got me the Naked Basics palette, where are only nude colors inside, which are perfect for traveling because you have a lot of different shades in a really tiny package.

The other eye makeup product I am already using for ages now, my mascara, is definitely the longest used item ever in my beauty life; I think I already had 15 of them. Then one liquid eyeliner, one kohl pencil, another mascara just to get a little bit of freshness for my lashes sometimes (it was pink, I had to mount it in the pictures!) and a lot of brushes, I must admit, I won´t ever know exactly which one is used for what.


We’re coming to my skin! So, right now I am totally into crème foundations and concealers. The concealer is really a product which opened my mind; it's the first with a little bit yellowish tone I ever bought and it was just mind blowing how good it works! My dark circles under the eye are turning nearly invisible! So a big thank you to the saleswomen in the shop in Amsterdam, one of the best decisions ever, even if we hardly understood each other.

So, since my skin is really suffering right now, I am using two foundations on top of each other, I know, not a good idea, but as soon as the weather gets warmer again, I will change this, I swear.
The other one is a powder foundation plus an invisible powder to make my whole face stay longer as I want it to.
And well, I shouldn't forget the Choupette blush!!


The lips are the key of this whole make up look, they are bright pink and I love a good bright pink.

When I am doing my makeup, I am always starting by hydrating my lips, so when everything else is finished I can apply lipstick and lip-gloss without this big and ugly dry-lips-problem. Well, in winter this sometimes isn't quite working, because of all the cold air outside and the heated air inside, but in summer this always pays off.

So, I swear, in reality the lip-gloss and the lipstick are as bright pink as the 'feathers' of my love bow, I really don't know why they are looking too dark and red. But as you are seeing the color also on my lips, no big problem I think!

Nude Nail Polish Base: KURE BAZAAR 'Corso 22'
Heart Nail Polish: AMERICAN APPAREL Glitter Hearts

Eyeshadow Palette: URBAN DECAY 'Naked 2' (used colors: Foxy, Half Baked, Booty Call and Chopper)
Liquid Eyeliner: ISODORA 'Glossy Eyeliner' (in Black)
Kohl Pencil: LANCÔME 'Le Cryon Khôl' (01 Noir)
Mascara 1: CHANEL 'Inmitable Waterproof' (in Black)
Mascara 2: MAYBELLINE 'Great Lash Waterproof' (in Black)

Crème Foundation: LAURA MERCIER 'Crème Smooth Foundation' (in Porcelain Ivory)
Crème Concealer: LAURA MERCIER 'Secret Concealer for Under Eye' (in 2.5)
Powder Foundation: BARE MINERALS 'Orginal Foundation SP15' (in fairly light N10)
Finishing Powder: BARE MINERALS 'Orginal Mineral Veil'
Rouge / Blush: SHU UMERA COSMETICS 'Shupette' (in Pink)
Primer: BENEFIT 'Stay Flawless' 

Lip-Care: MAYBELLINE 'Babylips' (in Pink Punch)
Pink Lipstick: CATRICE 'Ultimate Shine Gel Colour' (in License To Pink 070)
Pink Lipgloss: BURBERRY 'Lip Glow' (in Pink Sweat Pea No. 20)