Snow Wonderland

We are very lucky to own a beautiful house in one of the most beautiful parts of Austria, and to be there is even delightful when this beautiful landscape is sleeping in winter, covered with a lovely shade: snow everywhere. Last week (last year…), we had one of these fabulous days when the whole garden gets dusted with a little bit of snow. 
Whenever it snows, the world seems to be more quiet and it feels like nothing bad could ever happen. Unfortunately, this isn't true, how the news keep telling us... 
But, I think we should all focus on the beauty of our world, maybe one day also all the bad-boys out there will realize this and one day we all keep looking out of our windows and just see how the snow quietly falls down. 

In this post I wanted to show you more beauty, not just the snow, also my lovely Stella McCartney Bag, who is my new on-the-go-bag and comes along with me everywhere I go right now. She has the most perfect size for summer and travel, my camera fits in easily with all of the other little things, like wallets, sunglasses and most important, lip gloss. In Winter it gets a little bit cramped in it, because I also keep carrying things like scarfs, gloves and hats with me, but her beauty makes all of this forgettable. 

I was craving for it a really long time, I hadseen her first last spring and felt in love at first sight. I checked her every month, sometimes even every week, on the Stella McCartney homepage and kept flirting with her, and now, I can't believe she's actually sleeping peacefully in my bed... (hehe…)

CoutureDepartment_SchneeundStella (4 von 12) Kopie.jpg

Light Black Downjacket: UNIQLO (here)
Silver Sparkling Gray Sweater: VERY OLD ONE (similar here)
Blak Fake Leather Pants: DRYKORN (here)
Black Bag with Silver Chains: STELLA MCCARTNEY (here)
Nail Polish: CHANEL 'Attraction'