London Fever

As far as I can remember, I've always been a real London lover. This city seemed to be magical and mysterious for me. Maybe it's because my favorite auntie lives there since almost 18 years and I have always loved to visit her and explore her beautiful little apartment full of tiny secrets, amazing shoes (she had high heels, my Mom never, so these where quite new for me as little child) and one time I also fell in love with her pink bathroom. Yes, she has had a pink bathroom with flowers everywhere; this is maybe one of my most beautiful bathroom memories.
But maybe it's just because lots of my favorite movies are set there (No.1 is still Harry Potter...) and London is so full of history, wherever you look you see these beautiful houses and every one of them tells its very own little story of mysteries and secrets.
So, it couldn't be better that my Mom got this super short trip to London for her birthday, including a wonderful opera at Covent Garden Opera and eating nothing than Japanese food.
The pictures were shot at our very last morning in London which was also the last morning of last year, the 31st of December, so these pictures really are a look back in time!
No… just joking. This was just last week, so no real look in the past.
We’ve been lucky that the streets were almost empty and even if there is never a lot of traffic in front of my auntie’s house, this time I could mess around and stand in the middle of the roundabout of the street without getting knocked over!
In London there are never big weather changes, at least never when I am there. It's always a little bit rainy, a little bit sunny and wether really cold nor extremely hot.
So, during the winter months, you can never made a mistake with a coat and boots. There is a funny saying between my mom and me, which says 'A real London-girl only needs 2 pairs of sandals for winter and sometimes I think this is really true! I mean it was cold, but it's actually never too cold to wear sandals or at least pumps.
There are two specials in this outfit; the obvious one is the funny beanie, of course, with the London writing on it. Normally I would never wear anything with real words on it, but this one was just way to perfect. I bought two of them and gave one to a very close friend (I met her in London…) for Christmas, because – well - we are the London Girls.
The other special is my absolute best new love, my amazing, beautiful, quite heavy but wonderful Stella McCartney Falabella Bag! Perhaps it is not playing the leading role in these pictures, but I promise, you will see her more often in the next posts, because she is my new on-the-go bag wherever I will go. I got her for Christmas and indeed it´s one of the best Christmas presents I ever got (beside this amazing Playmobil-animal-farm when I was seven or so...), so thank you much, dear Santa!
Well, I am already writing novels - so, see you soon, my Loves!

Grey Wool Coat: BENETTON (here)
Red Cashmere Pullover: ZARA
Fake Leather Trousers: DRYKORN (here)
Black Bag with Silver Chains: STELLA MCCARTNEY (here)
Black Biker Boots: L'AUTRE CHOSE
London Hat: AMERICAN APPAREL (here)
Nail Polish: ESSIE 'Bordeaux'