February Inspiration 2015

February, February. When I was younger the only fun thing about this month were our skiing holidays and the fact that there are sometimes 28 and sometimes 29 days per month. I never thought that in this short time, could happen that much! 

First of all, it's the last month when I really do accept snow. Sometimes it's ok a little bit at the beginning go march, but, February is the last month of winter for me, so I WANT snow now, but, just now, not like last year, till mid of April. This is also the second really good thing about February, it's (hopefully) the last month of winter and snow! 
Here we may discuss a lot, on the one side there are winter lovers, on the other side all the rest of the world already wants springtime. I am something between these two, I want snow and snowman and everything, or flowers and butterflies, nothing between please. 

Besides there are some more quite important things happening, like Fashionweek. This is maybe the most important thing. From the second week of February (this year it´s the 11th) Fashionweek in New York is starting, to be followed by one whole month of fashion shows all over the world, from the Big Apple, to London, Milan and last, at Paris. It’s kinda already started, because the Haute Couture Shows have already finished in Paris, but here we talk about the Ready-to-Wear Shows. And yes, this year I will talk about it. A lot. I am planning some kind of a weekly report about every city: what’s happening, which shows, which styles. So, stay tuned! 

And the third event of February is of course Valentine’s Day! All about Love, flowers, Red, Pink and more love. As a single, I am still looking for my personal Valentine, but I am pretty sure my mommy will accept my flowers and chocolate. 

This time I have been working on three different themes, down below you see my mood boards and shopping ideas and a little bit more text. Pooh, I am already writing novels. Always. I can't stop... See you, my Loves, and well, have a happy February! 


Fashion week is all about being seen and see the others. During these four super intense weeks quite a lot is happening, the big street style stars tries to top their outfits every day, visit the most beautiful shows and attend to most glamourous parties. 
So it's pretty clear that you need to attract the people, going crazy with your outfits and impress everybody, and still, always catch the mood of the city where you are right now. Like New York is always pretty casual and minimalistic, clear colors, straight silhouettes, a lot of black and white. On the other hand, there is Paris, a lot of little details need to compose one big style and, well, it's like classic music, just the whole orchestra makes one piece of art. 

Crossed Trousers: AMERICAN VINTAGE (here)
Nude Knit Dress: SELF-PORTAIT (here)
Silver Glitter Hat: MAISON MICHEL (here)
Studdet Rain Boots: VALENTINO (here)
Yellow Coat: RIVER ISLAND (here)
Red / Silver Rain Coat: THE RAGGED PRIEST (here)
Silver Ensemble: ASOS WHITE (here and here)
Rainbow Bag: VALENTINO (here)


Romance, Romance, Romance. That’s the main thought about this day. It's like you see the world through heart shaped pink glasses (see below, sadly they are not pink...). When I think about this day there are only two things coming to my mind: PINK and RED! And maybe sometimes also things like, hearts, roses, chocolate, lips...

Red Handbag: GIVENCHY (here)
Rose Tulle Skirt: FASHION UNION (here)
Pink Metallic Sandals: ASOS (here)
Heart Shaped Sunglasses: MARKUS LUPFER (here)
Pink Dress: ASOS PREMIUM (here)
Flower Ensamble: TRUE DECANDENCE (here and here)
Lips iPhone Case: STELLA MCCARTNEY (here)
Red Dufflecoat: BURBERRY (here)


Since it's still super cold outside, I knew some colours which make me happy and fit into this cold light and blue mood. So, babyblue is my first choice. This color truly goes with nearly everything. Black, White, Silver, Beige, and so on. So, the only thing I need now, are more things in babyblue! 

Crop Babyblue Knit: MSGM (here)
Iceblue Clutch: COMME DE GARCONS (here)
Oversized Quilted Jacket: NIKE (here)
Fake Fur Hat: TED BAKER (here)
Creme White Gloves: HAWICK (here)
Long Silver Skirt: DKNY (here)
Babyblue Sweatshirt: ACNE (here)
Oversized Blue Scarf: ASOS (here)