Baby it's cold Outside

Hey guys, since it's super cold and uncomfortable and dull and freezing outside, my head is literally bursting with ideas for spring and summer outfits. I know, this is not really the best timing for pink sandals and cropped tops, but I feel like I could wear nothing else in these days, so I said to myself, why not take some pictures at home, and well, you see, we did! 

Just recently my mom found this super awesome pink chair and when I say she found, I mean, she just came up from our office in the ground floor and suddenly placed it on my room. This is something that happens quite often, I have already some little puppy sculptures without explanation, a lamp and I am pretty sure there are more decoration accessories to come.
Some days after that, I've seen the perfect tone-in-tone sheepskin rug, and well – that’s the story how my new pink chair got his new pink fur coat! 

The story of my outfit is not as special as the one of my chair, actually it's pretty simple, I am just wearing my kinda favorite home-clothes at the moment, the pink cardigan, super warm and the color makes me happy, silver flats because our floor is sometimes freezing cold and the two most basic basics ever, a white tee and blue jeans. 
All things considered, I really like this outfit and I definitely will keep on wearing it when it's warm again outside, but for the moment, I will have to be patient until the sun comes out more often... *super sad face*

Kisses my Loves!

Pink Cashmere Cardigan: PURE (in other colors here)
White V-Neck Tee: JAMES PERSE (here)
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans: CHEAP MONDAY
Silver Flats: REPETTO (here)
Nail Polish: KURE BAZAAR 'Corso 22'