Say Hello...

(Please read the following lines like if you were someone welcoming people in a talk show!) Yes, please say hello to these two amazing new finds I want to present to you in this post!
First of all, the eye-catcher which gives me this special feeling like coming straight out of the movie Matrix, my long military coat! *applpause* 
And then, our second guest for today are these beautiful little leopard pumps! And again, applause, please! *applause*

So, enough already, no more jokes for today, hehe. How are you guys? I am doing perfectly well, mainly because I am showing you today my best snip ever, like really, ever ever. I never thought I would wear long coats, long coats definitely did not fit into my personal idea of style, but while we were in London, we ran over this amazing coat and I just had to! 
While I was trying it on, we joked that I can now start working for the KGB or some other secret service, because I also was wearing biker boots and totally looked like sprung from a James Bond movie (a lot movie pictures today...)
My second find, I hunted out last Monday when strolling through the Vienna sales are these amazing leopard pumps! I have been looking for leopard pumps for a long time now and then I just got them for half price. Sooo… it was pretty clear I had to buy them. 

I paired them with some leopard sunglasses I bought back in summer in London, they were really cheap and just some kind of emergency buy because the sun was way to strong this day - and to keep it easy, the rest of the outfit are just basics.
Sadly I haven't found a bag yet which matches the coat, all I have tried were either too big or too small or the wrong color and material... Any ideas, my Loves?

Long Military Green Coat: JIGSAW (here - Sale!)
White Tee: CLOSED
Black Skinny Jeans: CHEAP MONDAY
Leopard Pumps: BARBARA BUI (here - Sale!)
Leopard Sunglasses: ALDO (similar here or here)
Nail Polish: ESSIE 'Really Red'