Notting Hill

Thinking back to my London short trip some days go, strolling down the tiny streets of Notting Hill and Portobello Road with my parents, searching some little after-Christmas-presents for ourselves, still keeps me smiling. It looks like a fairytale, the weather was so good, the streets so empty and quite everything seemed to have been fallen asleep. Even if it was the 30th December last year, (still sounds funny in my ears) these pictures look more like early spring than mid of winter, which may appear because of the wonderful filter I used, but I swear, all technical stuff cannot beat real life!

So we were searching for some action before heading to the British Museum and found ourselves in Notting Hill, where we tried to visit some of our all-time favorite shops, but sadly they were all closed for holidays. This means, no new cookbooks and spices for my daddy... but my mom definitely was luckier that day, she found a new dress and I a new coat, which you will see soon. Beside these two shops also one of my favorite flower shops in London was open, seriously, I don’t know more than two or three shops for flowers, two of them near my aunties flat (where one of them is forbiddingly expensive) and then this one. It's across one of the best newspaper shops in London, where you can get like every new magazine you desire.

On that day, I had two little friends, two fake fur tassels at my bag! This seems to be a really loveable trend, clipping on some little fur balls to your bag or key ring, just easy and I am very grateful to Fendi for this awesome trend and idea. I am watching out with eagle eyes all the time to get more of these little friends, to expand my collection! So, if you find some, please send me a link, I am like crazy about them!

This week and next monday I have a quite important exam (had been learning the whole weekend) wish me luck, my Loves! (PLEASE!)

Grey Wool Coat: BENETTON (here)
Baby Blue Button Up Shirt: ZARA
Black Fake Leather Pants: DRYKORN (here)
Black Biker Boots: L'AUTRE CHOSE
Black Leather Bag: BURBERRY
Babyblue FakeFur Tassel: RIVER ISLAND (here)
Powderpink FakeFur Tassel: H&M
Nail Polish: ESSIE 'Burgunds'