OH MY GOD. I AM A GROWN-UP NOW, but only in the legal sense. My mommy already promised me she will still call me Baby. I am really happy it´s my birthday today, but I reeeally hate character of my age. I know, eighteen is a very cool number and now I can legally go to all the cool clubs I wasn´t allowed before, watch the best horror movies and buy the coolest games for my playstation, but seriously, who wants to be an adult? You have to pay taxes, work, find a flat, all these things a teenager really doesn't want to do. But now, life gets down to business.
Hell, I am getting pessimistic again, time to change to happiness:
I AM EIGHTEEN OKAY? So I am super cool now, I am an adult and I just finished school. Apart from my super awesome selfmade birthday cake, all the balloons and candles, this number makes me thinking about my future. There are a few things I really want to do, like studying at university, moving to another town (my favourites: London or Berlin), start drawing again, blogging a lot and building up an enormous fashion company. *Joking*
No, these are really my plans for my long future, but I have also some near-term plans: Next week off to Paris, in June I will have a fantastic week with my friends in Nice, then one week Vienna again and after that a seven-weeks-adventure will start: six weeks of them in London.
I booked two courses: the first one lasts four weeks and will take place at Central Saint Martins Fashion Institute (more about it when it starts - aaaaah I´m so excited) and then two weeks language school, which will also be fun I hope. Between my two courses, I will fly to Sorrento in Italy for one week, with my parents, just relaxing and getting some rest from the big metropolis.
I have also a lot of Ideas for the blog! Now as I am free from school and have more time, I will really plan cool outfits and find cool locations to shoot. For example: I am thinking about a jungle shooting or a special feature about one of my favorite movies ever. I really love to write these articles and I  hope you like them, and so I will work harder for my blog.
And there is one more thing for my future: I will change my eating habits. I have a lot of allergies, and the older I get (sounds creepy, I know), but I really feel that I can't go on while ignoring them. So I will no longer eat any wheat (not that hard, I love rye), or tomatoes (that´s quite hard). There are still so much more allergies, but these two things have always very important elements of my eating plan. Additionally I will do sports (sounds so much more creepy than the getting-older-thing). I plan going running every day. And that’s a very huge effort for me. But I will get it. I hope so...
Ok now something completely different: Have you seen this magic cake? It’s called Pannkakor and it is a swedish pancake pie. And it matches perfekt with the rasperry-lemon lemonade. And you will find both recipes this weekend on the blog! Yes I am talking about a new category, baking (and maybe also cooking). You have to know, baking is one of my biggest hobbies, besides of fashion and I am really famous for my cakes!
Now some words about my outfit, the dress, Mango, the shoes, Pura Lòpez, the hairbelt, Accessorize, the belt is a hairband. Yes a hairband, I have big problems finding belts that fit, but these hairbands always go, and yes, I know this sounds strange. I promise I will really look after a real belt!
At the moment I love this good-girly look and I hope you do same, but don't worry, I won´t change my hole style to this dolly-look. I just thought it would match on this day.
his shooting is very similar to one I made with thirteen or fourteen. It´s giving the impression of an English tea party, but instead of eating the cake like a well-bred person, I´m just digging in the cake with  my hands and eating like a very hungry neanderthal. It was quite fun, the only problem then was that I used a cake from the freezing compartment in the supermarket and this whole thing was so incredible cold, I thought my finger will fall off my hands!

And because I am writing this article before my real birthday (yes I am a bad girl) you will hear more about this day in the next post!
I hope you will all have a beautiful day – so will I!
heers my loves!

Dress: Mango (here
Shoes: Pura Lòpez
Hairband: Accessorizes
Belt: Hairband
Nail Polish: O.P.I. 'Lady in Black' with Top Mat Coat