New Beginnings

Happy New Year my Loves! - Welcome 2015! 
This is it. The new year, a new year full of new beginnings! Not just in my personal life, also here with the Blog. Maybe you already recognized it… The new design is finally launched!! I don’t even know what to write about it, it just seems so much better to me!
But let’s start slowly.
During the past year, I worked a lot on this page, every single day I changed the tiniest things, wrote texts, shooted with my mom or friends and thought about new projects that would inspire you. During all this time, I got pretty rid of the old design, the last weeks, it already really annoyed me, so it was pretty clear for me to work out a new one! I spent nights on this, trying out every single thing you can just imagine, cried sometimes, because I wasn’t able to find the perfect one or even to choose between the many ones I tried out. But suddenly, one night, there it was.
The New Couture Department was to see the light of day. 

Not just that I think it’s way easier to handle, I´m dead certain it’s much more comfortable to look at and organized more clearly and just way better. But as I am not a professional website creator, please, if you find any little or big failures or have any ideas or critiques, let me know, I am happy to hear 24/7 from you, since I am working best at nights! 

But this is just one new beginning, there are several others too: first of all, this is my very first year completely without school, which is kinda strange for me, because this was always one of the central points of my life. So, all the time I had to spend there, learning, reading (and sometimes sleeping…) will know be free, or better, will be for my Couture Department project.
Secondly, since mid of december I can now call myself a diploma-photographer, which sounds really cool in my ears and I´m already working on a design for my very first business cards, and I will be able to name myself a photographer on them without any kind of sore conscience.
Thirdly, one new beginning will be starting this fall, I am right now working like crazy on my university applications and hopefully, I will have the chance to visit one of these schools soon. They are all abroad, so I will have to move to another country (of course my favorite would be the UK… unfortunately it is also most difficult to get into one of these universities…).
Another new beginning will be, that I will start making sports from now (like every new year…), will write every day (or week) in my journal and will eat way more healthy. So the classic firm intentions for new years ever known. And I want to blog more frequently, like, really every week up to four postings, even if I don't really now how to manage this yet, but I just will keep on creating new stories and outfits for you. I will also try to make more different themes, like new recipes, more restaurant critiques, travel tips and a trend section, where I am talking about current trends, news from the fashion weeks and whatever is happening in the fashion world. 

Coming back to the pictures I have for you today, they are, totally in the style I want to go now for the pictures (made by myself and a tripod, hehe). Wearing a totally white look, seems to be the perfect way to start this new website. Like, an empty page, ready to be written newly and screaming for new adventures and travels. With my best companion in crime during travels or, like here, lying around in bed, my McBook and also always with me, my beloved planner from Louis Vuitton.
The skirt, one of my many Zara findings, is already pretty old, I found it in on sale ale during spring and kept it in my closet for a very special occasion, like this one. I also had to wear my very first pair of designer shoes, they also were one of the earliest heels I had. Bought a long time ago at the Viennese Gucci Store, they are still my babies and still so comfortable I would love to wear them more casual (but than I would be like two meter tall and most of my friends are like 1,60 meters…). Even if the room is quite fancy, I think it’s perfect for my new beginnings, I love the blue and white wallpaper so much, paired with all the pillows and the blanket, it’s very calming and just as beautiful as the rest of our house. One day, this will be my bedroom, but for now our guests will have the pleasure sleeping there and I will try to make my little room as cozy as possible.

So my loves, I hope you all had a awesome New Years Eve, and wonderful new years morning and of course, all the best to come!

White Silk Top: H&M CONSCIOUS
White Glitter Skirt: ZARA
Black Sandals: GUCCI
Nail Polish: CHANEL 'Attraction'