The National Gallery in Berlin

Right now, I am feeling like a real jet-setter and globetrotter, writing this text about my last trip in Berlin while sitting in the airplane to London. Last night I realized something, I had to take out my planner and was counting my trips just from December, FIVE trips. Only for this month, two times to Munich, one to Salzburg, Berlin and right now I´m off to London. Can’t be every month like this?
So, when I visited my dear lovely mate in Berlin we have been looking for some sunday afternoon entertainment and suddenly found out that the ‚Neue Nationalgalerie‘ would be closed for several years of renovation starting from January 2015, their website announced. Little bit shocked we decided to go there, just because it would be the last chance to see it for such a long time. Beside this, we were already driven by the house´s beautiful architecture (designed by a famous architect called Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) every time we passed by with the bus, because we were totally goofballs and have been riding the same bus about 4 times in a row.
So, after a long breakfast, which ended in the afternoon, we were back at our favorite bus line to the museum and stayed inside till it already was dark outside. Beside this awesome black glass building with trees in it, the whole museum is a underground construction with nearly any windows so you completely forget about time. There are a lot of different types of art pieces there, all very modern, but all speaking of different themes and cultures. For me, modern art is always quite different, sometimes I really love it and would absolutely like to hang up everything at my own four walls and sometimes I am like ‚What the…?‘ and just thinking about who makes something like this and what the hell was he thinking while making it.
Apropos of nothing, there is a cute tiny coffee room with a beautiful flower wallpaper.
So, since I knew that this place will be closed soon, I just wanted to show you some last pictures of the architecture and the pieces they have. I am really interested what they will change during the renovation time and will catch a look when thy will be finished with the works in several years.
My outfit for this day was pretty easy, just some layered basics with my lovely teddy fur jacket. I tried to style this look a little bit cooler and more sporty, because I always want to fit a little bit in the city where I am and Berlin just is this cool, sporty and very modern cozy city.
And now my Loves, the year will come to an end very soon and the new design of my website will be realized also very soon! There will also be some news from London, since I am still in the airplane (sure, where should I have gone while I am writing this… Sometimes I am a real…). By the way, we gave this trip my mom as a present for her birthday, we wanted to be it a big surprise, but well, when your mom is the headmaster of the family, you can’t plan anything without her knowledge.
So, tomorrow night we are going to the Royal Opera House (the main reason of this very very short short trip) and on the 31th we are already on our way back home. This means, we will stay less than 48 hours in London - but at least, I am back in this wonderful city!
Since I think I haven’t got the time to write a full year-report until Silvester (inner crying…), this is the time when I have to wish you an amazing end of the year and also A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We will hear each other on the 1 January 2015, particularly with the new design, my New Year’s resolutions for Couture Department, but if you want to, you may follow my last days of the year on Instagram or Facebook!


Beige / Nude Fake Fur Jacket: MANGO
Nude Glitter Top: H&M (here)
Black Skinny Fake Leather Trousers: DRYKRON (here)
Black Leather Bag: BURBERRY
Black Biker Boots: L'AUTRE CHOSE
Nail Polish: CHANEL 'Pirate'