Christmas Market

So my Loves, I hope you all had an awesome, relaxing and peaceful time with your beloved ones and enjoyed every bit of chocolate, good food, family laughter and movie nights, or whatever else your traditions may be! The main day of Christmas is sadly already over (sometimes 24 hours can be past so quickly...), but the Christmas season itself hasn't found an end yet, but it's very much on the brink of... It´s totally depending on every single person, if Christmas is really really over and you can go back to normal life, because all of the special vibe is gone or you have to work again or or or... For me, the end of Christmas is around these days, the next stress things are coming, like the birthday of my parents (28th & 29th december... little bit unfair for me as a child, too many presents in way to less time!) and then of course Silvester & New Year, where I want to carry out the new Couture Department Design... It's all at once!
So, but back to the main story here, I am talking about a traditional Viennese Christmas Market, or in German, 'Christkindlmarkt'. Or rather, it's THE Viennese Christmas Market. Its the biggest in the whole city and of course, always the one with the most people. Thousends of people, children and tourists on the big place in front of our town hall and also the park on both sides of it are full with cute little attractions.
The most dangerous things at these markets are all the things you can buy, like there is a really big range of AWESOME sweets (raspberry and strawberry coated with chocolate, or bananas, or almonds, or, or, or... endless list!), a lot of tasty and really unhealthy food and then of course Punch, a hot sweet alcoholic drink, traditional served everywhere during christmas season.
Besides all these temptations, you can buy like tons of christmas decoration, which is also really dangerous because they are normally really expensive and of course every little kind of stuff you never need, but you always have to have...
For me the best thing about this special market is, that all the trees in the park are also decorated with really big lightning lamps, like hearts, snowflakes, reindeers, snowmen and every type of christmas theme you can imagine! I am always like a little child when we drive next to it with the car or tram, pressing my nose against the window and trying to catch every theme and every tree at the park.
Unfortunately, the market is already closed... But the Christmas big tree in the centre and all the other park decorations should to be see until the 6th january, so maybe, go there and have a look, if you haven't seen it this year! (Which is kinda impossible when you live in Vienna.)
What was I wearing? Something quite simple, all black apart from my red mini skirt from Zara and the inner surface of the perfect matching bag!
My Loves, we´ll meet again soon when I will reveal a secret which I had been keeping for such a long time!

Black Classic Jacket: BURBERRY
Black Knit Romper: RALPH LAUREN
Red Mini Skirt: ZARA
Black Overknee Boots: STUART WEITZMAN (here)
Red and Black Tote Bag: ZARA
Nail Polish: CHANEL 'Lotus Rouge'