The Lights of Christmas

I am back, my Loves! Last weekend I had to struggle with some super bad technical problems, like, my iPad hasn’t shown me any pictures because it just wanted the new iOS and my MacBook said every then seconds that their is no, not even a tiny little bit of storage space left.
But, now I made it, on time for christmas here we are, with a new, not so casual outfit and story!
Last night, my mom and I have been at our local train station, because we knew, they had this awesome, big and quite nice Christmas tree and decoration, which made the perfect background for my glittery ensemble. Before buying it, I thought long about the top, how I should wear it, if all the sequins and so will fall down, if I still like it when it will be hanging in my closet, but now, I love it even more! The best thing about it, beside it’s really pretty, I can play Jingle Bells or something like that because these little applications rustle so nice when I´m moving!
The skirt was also funny, I searched weeks for one like this, everywhere they where to big, to long, to short, to glossy, and and and, but when I looked at my timetable last week, and realized that I will need one to finish my in-head-outfit, I panicked and just ordered one from Zara, with which I am now more than happy. 
So, because it’s Christmas, I also want to talk about some other stuff, like, Christmas stuff. We have a lot of little traditions since my childhood, who are now slowly changing (this isn’t the most amazing thing in my eyes, can’t we just pretend that Santa or a little angel still brings all the presents and the tree…?), because I am a little bit too old for them, and my brother is way much too old. So, this year our Christmas routine got some updates! Like, my mom was decorating the tree today while I was sleeping on the couch in front of it, and I am pretty sure, she won’t ring the tiny bell any more that tells me that I can come in after dinner. But, just these little details help to make life so beautiful, isn’t it, the always changing but still peaceful and beautiful things! 
Do you also have any Christmas traditions? I want to hear everything! Please tell me!
Next issue: I have a little surprise for you! Not now… Just in seven days, after New Year´s Eve, there will also be a NEW COUTURE DEPARTMENT! I am working for ages now on a complete new design for my website, like literally, I think I’ve already started while I was in London last summer, but now, it’s finished, finally, and it will be so much better!
Cheerio, my dear Loves, it’s time to wish you all a peaceful, romantic and wonderful Christmas night, wherever you are, whatever you believe in, whoever you spend your night with, try to make the most wonderful out of it!


Beige Glitter / Sequin Crop Top: ZARA (here)
Black Midi Skirt: ZARA (here)
Glitter Sandals: VIGNERION
Golden Jewelerry with Pearls: AND OTHER STORIES (here and here)
Red Nail Polish: ESSIE 'Really Red'