The Other Gift Guide

Ever thought about a goat? I mean not just like, oh, what a nice and cute looking farm animal – no, have you ever thought about giving a goat for Christmas? Or a donkey? Or even just a chicken gang? I did, and what´s my main issue here, I've already given my friends all of these last year!
Before you start to wonder now, I haven't bought real animals and brought them to my friends’ houses with a little silk bow around their neck, no, I gave these animals to other people, people who really needed these little helpers to survive.
I am talking about charity presents, my Loves, which are a really good thing in Christmas time. You donate some money to special programs and projects at the web and in return you will get a nice card with all the informations about your present which you may pass to your friends as a present or just put it on top of your other presents.
So, since I learned about these wonderful way to donate last year, I am totally in love with that idea. Last year I've just known this one website from Austria, but during the last days and weeks I found an enormous number of different sites and projects.
Their offers are going beyond that farm animals, which will help families with things like carrying water or with a vegetable garden, digging wells for tiny places in Africa, medicines and inoculations for people and kids all over the world, school supplies or whole schools and of course warm food or winter clothes.
So right now my problem to choose has grown much bigger, because I just want to help everybody, but there is also an offer, wher they will take some money for goods and supplies where they are most needed at the moment.
Since there are just SEVEN DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS, I really have to choose fast, because I still need these cute cards and have to decide, who of my friends will appreciate most wells, medicines, goats or donkeys. I've listed all the pages I found right now, and I am sure that next year I will find like one hundred more of them and will have even bigger problems to choose one.
So guys, if you are still hunting for presents for your beloved ones, please think about this opportunity too, it would not only give your friends or family members a big pleasure, it maybe safes somebody else's life – so try to give a little Christmas wonder.
I wish you all a wonderful last week before Christmas, and for all of you who are already celebrating Hanukkah, or any other kind of holiday, I wish you all wonderful holidays and some peaceful time with our beloved ones!