In Between the cold Days

Do you know these magical moments, some days in winter, when it should be freezing cold, and then, while looking out of your window, the sun kisses you and you can touch this tiny bright spot? And after getting up, doing your make-up and everything, you suddenly realize that you don't have to wear this big and warm winter jacket? 
Last week, we had a day like this (and if my beloved iPhone doesn't lie to me, there are some more days to come this week!), which allows me to wear an outfit like this, totally without six layers of scarfs and shirts and jumpers and jackets. After all this coldness outside (and inside, thanks so the best modern automatic heating system ever - like, ever ever) it was so wonderful to just slip in my favourite blazer and to complete everything with a fake fur vest. 
And let´s not forget the (also fake) leather pants! They are like a "Making-every-Outfit-looking-better" detail at this time of the year. 
Slowly I am getting in Christmas-mood, I mean, there are just two weeks left, which is kinda scary right now, because I still haven't got all the presents for my beloved ones and I haven't baked any single cookie yet! And then there is also my photography course, for which I have been shooting constantly the last days and will have my exam next Monday, and yeah, I will also go away to Berlin for the weekend. 
So, I am looking forward to a busy busy week, my Loves!

Black Fake Fur Vest: UNREAL FUR (similar here)
Military Green Blazer: ZARA (here)
White V-Neck Shirt: JAMES PERSE (here)
Fake Leather Skinny Trousers: DRYKORN (here)
Black Suede Boots: KAREN MILLEN (here)
Black Leather Bag: BURBERRY