December Inspiration 2014

Happy first day of December, Guys! I hope wherever you are, it's not too freezing cold, and you have a beautiful sky with all the beautiful December moments! When your are one of these lucky devils, who really has sun in winter, don't come to Vienna, here it's foggy and ice-cold and we are all fighting not to freeze to little snowmen immediately. 
This post is all about some inspirations for the (normally) beautiful month December. It's my interpretation of which colours and materials you need to survive this magic month full of holidays and celebrations. 
December is full of beautiful moments with your friends and family, like going to an original Christkindlmarkt or visiting any other Christmas-market, buying a tree and decorating the whole house. And on top of all this, there is New Year´s Eve or Silvester and the new year is to begin. 
But December is not only the time of Christmas, in many different religions and cultures there are holidays in this month, so I would love to learn more about Chanukka or Tshechus (a Buddhistic holiday in Tibet and Bhutan). 
So, but now back to the main issue of this post: down below you will find inspiration gallery with fashion pics that I love this month. Get Inspired! 
Enjoy, my Loves!


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