The Coat Season

November just started! For me, November is the first real month suiting to winter, snow, hot teacups, cozy wooly socks and of course - warm coats. I've already worn coats in early September, even though these where just summer coats, but now, the time is ready to search for all the warm jackets and coats (and hats, gloves, scarves...) one may have.
This one is my current favorite, I found it on one of these grey afternoons, so it fits really perfectly to my present mood. After buying it, I teamed it up at home with several very different clothes and now I´m totally into it! It fits to literally everything. It is really warm and can play a big role with every outfit.
This weekend, I will spend in Amsterdam with one of my girls, checking out another fashion university there, so expect some new travel posts soon!
See you, my Loves!

Leather Skirt: AMERICAN APPAREL (here)
Cashmere Sweater: ZARA (here)
Bag: UGG AUSTRALIA (similar here)
Shoes: KAREN MILLEN (here)
Tights: KUNERT
Nail Polish: CHANEL 'Pirate - Nr. 08'