Furry Days

The furry days are about to start, my Loves! This means that my new everyday essentials are entirely made of fake fur and knit. In particular since my mommy surprised me with this beautiful, awesome and really warm camouflage coat.
So, for the moment I do have enough fake fur things (joking...!), but what I am really missing in my closet is a cozy turtleneck jumper or some more scarves and hats. This will be my task for the next week, besides trying to find wonderful Christmas presents for my loves.
Back to my furry coat, I wore this outfit for a really normal and easy day, I just went out to buy me a new hairdryer and some portfolio folder for my photographs, so I was a little bit overdressed of that, but I really wanted to take my coat out for a sunny day like this (sunny for November, not really sunny...).
Next week I will spend some days in Munich, exploring there another university and spending some time in my favorite home town, hopefully my cold says goodbye till then!
See you my Loves!

Camouflage Fake Fur Coat: MICHAEL KORS (here)
Black Jumpsuit: ZARA
Black Tote-Bag: BURBERRY
Over-Knee Boots: STUART WEITZMAN (here)