Stripes and Puff

Stripes and nude-coloured blazer, I say yes! Stripes and over-knees, double yes! Stripes and fake-fur puff? Well, I scream yes! So, my latest addiction are these little fake-fur puff-puffs (I bought two…!) which can be hung up like everywhere you want them, but the best place may be your bags. I found them in Amsterdam and in the moment I’ve seen them, I stopped in the middle of the street (with like two million people shopping around us) and ran into the store with just eyes for these puff-puffs.
So, this is my beautiful peach-rose-light-pink-nude puff-puff and there is another one in pale blue (coming soon). Back at home I found out that they have them in four colours, so maybe I will also order the last two ones (black and beige). 
The second main act is the striped tee I recently found in the last corner of my closet. It’s one of these real sailer/fisher shirts bought at the northern coast of France in a tiny store and after about four or five years waiting I really like it! (Sometimes I have these weird times where I buy something and years later I suddenly fall in love with it.)
Being back from Amsterdam, with no pictures to show you, is really sad for me, but with just 30 hours in one city (and apart from that 10 for sleeping or eating chocolate or cheese) we totally forgot about it. Next time we do better, I promise! 
Have a nice Friday and - of course - a beautiful weekend, my Loves!

Nude Blazer: JOSEPH (similar here)
Striped Shirt: SMALL SHOP IN FRANCE (similar here)
Ripped Jeans: ZARA (here)
Over-Knees: STUART WEITZMAN 5050
Rose Fake Fur Puff: RIVER ISLAND (here)
Nail Polish: KURE BAZAAR